10 Things I Learned While Co-Hosting the Des Moines National Mom’s Nite Out

10. When Kenny Chesney is in town and your Mom’s Nite Out event is right across from the arena where he is playing, parking may be a wee bit challenging.

Photo by Amy 0’Shaughnessy/Special to The Des Moines Register

9. When you have to walk 6 blocks to your Mom’s Nite Out event from the parking spot you finally scored after cruising for 20 minutes, Crocs (with heels!) are surprisingly comfortable! (Check out my story on the Crocs Blog today! *Squeal!*)

8. When you have to miss your son’s baseball game to attend the Mom’s Nite Out event that you are co-hosting, he will do his best to riddle you with guilt. The next morning, however, as he tells you about losing 2-17, he will then pull a 180 and say, “It’s a good thing you weren’t there.”

7. When my two youngest sons attend their big brother’s baseball game with Grandma and Grandpa, they will actually sit and watch the game. The whole time. Do you think this says something about my parenting?

6. It IS possible to have a Godiva chocolate hangover. Or so I’ve heard . . .

5. Jody is the most social “unsociable” (self-proclaimed) person I’ve ever met. Plus, she’s darn good at organizing events.

4. The recipe for Margarita cupcakes (Thanks, Melody!). I’d love to waste away in Margaritacupcakeville . . .

3. The Des Moines Hip Mamas are, indeed, hip! (And very fun as well.)

2. Both national and local businesses are very, very generous. Here are just some of the sponsors of our Mom’s Nite Out (Support them!):

1. Moms Rock! We had such a good time last night meeting up with some awesome local moms and mom-supporters. Seriously, who knew people could be so darn nice? Thanks to MomSelect, BSM Media, and all the other national organizers for this awesome event. We had moms already talking about next year!


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