3 Boys + 1 Husband = Lots of Underwear

I buy underwear as often as I buy milk.

I only wish I were kidding.

Every time turn around, one of the boys is in a different size. Sometimes I fail to notice until it’s bordering on neglectful. Case in point: Boy #3, who is now 6, occasionally has to inform me that I’ve handed him a pair of 3T briefs, which are “way too tight!” (What a whiner, sheesh!) Boy #1 went from wearing boys’ sizes to men’s in what I swear was one week. Monday—boys’ 10/12, Wednesday—boys’ 14/16, Friday—boys’ 18/20, Sunday—men’s medium. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite THAT fast, but it sure felt like it, especially to my checking account!

We also have some medical issues at our house that I won’t reveal (I’ll tell anything about me, but I do respect my boys’ privacy), but I will tell you that this requires me to throw away and purchase new underwear continuously. It’s right there on my shopping list every week, along with dishwasher detergent and yogurt.

My boys also have this thing with running around the house (or porch, or yard…) in their underwear. Literally, as I type this, at 1:57 p.m. on a Saturday, the two boys who are here right now are wearing only their underwear. They sleep in their underwear too. If only the school didn’t frown upon kids showing up in their underwear… Then they’d be completely content!

Because of the frequency with which I buy underwear, I have learned which brands are the “best buys,” and my top pick is definitely Hanes. It’s hands-down the best use of my money. The underwear is sturdy enough to stand up to multiple (and more multiple) washes, yet inexpensive enough to justify purchasing. Some of the “designer” underwear makes me laugh, especially for boys. I’m sorry, but the majority of boys leave “skid marks,” at least occasionally, and they do not discriminate between fancy and non-fancy underpants.

I had the opportunity to review Hanes’ new Comfort Flex Fit Underwear recently. Well, I didn’t actually review the boxer briefs myself. I deferred to Husband for this, seeing as how he’s picky about his underwear and, well, he’s got the boy parts.

As I said, he’s picky. There are certain pairs of underwear, some of which are “designer brands,” that he will not pull out of his dresser drawer. He will choose, instead, a pair where the waistband is nearly completely ripped off or that has at least one hole in it. I do try to throw those out and replace them before he can get ahold of them, but sometimes I don’t find them in time. He liked the fit of the Hanes Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs and thought they didn’t bind or pinch. They have joined the ranks of his “favorites” in his drawer. I like that they are affordable as well, and that I can easily find them at my store of choice for such matters—Target.

Hanes is so serious about comfort that they’ve initiated the Comfort Guarantee. If you don’t think any of their clothes are comfortable, they will give you your money back. I appreciate that commitment as a mom of three and wife. (My youngest is very picky about his clothes, especially when it comes to being “comfortable.”)

If you haven’t been to Hanes.com before, I suggest you check it out. Not only can you find a better selection of Hanes products than at any store, but you can also find awesome deals. They have a different deal every day, as well as deals that carry over.

What about you? What’s the underwear situation at your house?

Disclaimer: I was given a package of Hanes Comfort Flex Fit underwear for my husband to review. I was not required to post nor told what I should write about if I did. I was not paid for my post. I really do love Hanes!

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