A Belated Update

Yes, I realize it’s NOT Sunday evening. It’s in fact MONDAY evening. I was SUPPOSED to write and give you an update on what I did (or didn’t) get done from my anxiety-driven list. “A day late and a dollar short.” I think this will be my epitaph.

So here’s the (not-so) skinny:

  • Go to church. Yes, we managed to all get around on time and make it to church. And Boy #3 didn’t even cry when I dropped him off at Sunday School! Well, I should probably confess that he didn’t cry because Husband and I, being the good parents we are, LIED to our son to get him to stop crying during the car ride to church. We told him that if he cried, the teachers would think he was a baby and put him in the baby room. How nice are we? But you know what? It worked! However, we might be going to hell for lying to our kid on the way to church…
  • Clean the downstairs. Well, I got the downstairs mostly clean only to then have it completely destroyed again sometime between suppertime and bedtime. Now it looks worse than ever. *sigh*
  • Do laundry. Does it count if I washed and dried clothes but never actually got them put away? We’ve got piles—lots and lots of piles. And the curse of the laundry continues…
  • Clean our bathroom. Need you even ask? Of course this didn’t get done! Honestly, at this rate I think I’m just going to have to throw a match in there and start over!
  • Work on our Financial Peace University class. We did look at our bills and determine that we cannot afford to pay all of our bills that are due until the end of the week when one of us gets paid again. That’s always a lovely feeling! I did read my four chapters of Financial Peace Revisited, but we still need to do our budget. And we skipped class tonight to take the kids to a Harvest Moon Corn Maze (see next post). We’re off to a great start…Financial freedom looks right around the corner, doesn’t it?
  • Figure out my Custom Framing business. Yeah, that’s a no. Once again I’ll add that to my list for NEXT week.
  • Help my kids clean their rooms. Oh, please. Go ahead and take a wild guess.
  • Do actual work—for my job. Okay, I did what I could with this, but my Internet wasn’t being cooperative, so I was limited. But I TRIED; doesn’t that count for SOMETHING?
  • Buy groceries. I went to the grocery store, but I’m not sure I’d constitute it as actually buying groceries. I picked up a few random things but not really anything for meals. Unless, of course, you consider organic raspberries, all-natural steakhouse potato chips, and hot dog buns a meal…

Here are some things I did that weren’t on my to-do list:

  • Took Boy #2 to his soccer game and froze my you-know-what off! That wind was COLD on Sunday! And I’m such a good mom, the poor boy didn’t even have a long-sleeved shirt under his soccer jersey. Wait a minute–wasn’t it just 85 degrees?!
  • Ran. Yeah, you read it correctly. I ran. Me. Exercised. On purpose. And it’s not the first time, either. I didn’t want to say anything to you TOO soon, but I think it’s now official: I’ve started running again. Well, run/walking. My friends and I do the “Couch to 5K” workout, and it worked really well for us two years (and twenty pounds) ago when we trained for a couple half-marathons. Here’s what we did Sunday: Walked 5 minutes. Ran 90 seconds. Walked 2 minutes. Repeated 6 times. Walked 5 minutes. I completely suck at running continuously, so for me, this works well. Now if only I can get my tired butt out of bed at 5:00 tomorrow morning to do this again…


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