A Gypsy Update

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, first read here.

Now, I’ve got some news, people. I’ve had my sister and sister-in-law (who live in my neighborhood too) both spying stalking harmlessly (and legally) watching for our favorite roaming gypsy. And have they come through for me!

Here’s what I now know about this mysterious young woman:

  1. Her foster parents live in my neighborhood.
  2. She comes back every so often to visit, often around holidays.
  3. Apparently she likes to walk around buck naked, in the house with the blinds wide open, or even in the backyard in the broad daylight. (Realize that the lots in our neighborhood are not that big. Or wooded.)

Yowza, what a discovery! That last point, by the way, was confirmed by not one but two of my male neighbors.

But the more I know about this long-skirt-wearing, guitar-picking pro-nudist hippie chick, the more questions I have!

Here’s what I really WANT to know:

  1. Where does she hang out (or live) when she’s not strolling through my neighborhood with a guitar (clothing optional)?
  2. Is she an intelligent free spirit or just a weirdo?
  3. Does she have a job? If so, what kind of job does a gypsy hold down?
  4. Where does she get her clothes?
  5. Why does she hitchhike when she’s less than a mile from her foster parent’s house? Where is she going?
  6. Why doesn’t she wear shoes? Don’t her feet hurt?
  7. Does she have an exotic gypsy-sounding name, or is she “Jennifer”? (No offense to all the Jennifers out there. It’s a great name, just not real exotic.)
  8. She’s not a hooker, is she?

I will be keeping my eyeballs peeled this weekend. You’ll be the first to know if something more develops. Including if I see boobs. Promise.

Public domain image found here.

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