A Magical Imagination

Things are disappearing right and left.

No, it’s not because my kids are disorganized and careless with their things. Well, it’s not just because of that…

It’s because there’s been some magic goin’ on at our house. Yep, real magic, complements of a six-year-old.

Boy #2 has been obsessed with magic this week. It started with a fake thumb that we somehow acquired. (Yes, strange things like fake thumbs seem to find their way to our house almost daily. Nothing surprises me anymore. Rubber snake in the toilet? Whatever. Chainsaw on the kitchen table? Hmmm? Oh well… As long as they wear safety goggles…)

First he practiced and practiced the trick that I believe every professional magician has performed at his or her show: The Disappearing Torn-Off Piece of Toilet Paper Trick. And I have to admit, he got pretty good at it. He figured out how to hide the fake thumb in his hand so his “audience” (me + Boy #3) couldn’t really see it.

Then he moved on to other tricks, which usually involved making something “disappear”, but usually after he instructs us to “close your eyes.” The look of pride on his face as I say, “Wow! How did you DO that?!” is completely priceless! If only they could stay this innocent!

The best part of his magic tricks, however, has to be his “spells” that he chants as he waves his magic wand. He makes these up on the fly and tries his darndest to make them rhyme, which results in me having to stifle my giggles.

“Abracadabra, Hocus DeDoo Make something disappear Like this shoe!” “Scabby Tabby Dalum I ask you to take my thumb Move it away from my other hand Right now and I will stay right here and stand.”

Then he moved on to actually making up riddles for me to solve. My favorite was last night when I was laying on the bed, trying to get him to STOP PERFORMING MAGIC so he could wind down and go to bed, when he told me to close my eyes and I felt him slide his magic wand under my back. Then he instructed me to open my eyes and told me this riddle would help me find the wand (I didn’t tell him that the piece of plastic poking me in the back was a pretty good clue!): “It is behind the one who I was inside of.” It was so cute, if not a teensy bit disturbing!

I am impressed at the flair he’s displaying with his tricks. Lots of arms circles and sleight of hand movements. There’s even been some twirling, I think! And he turns on this “dramatic” voice that I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard before. Totally cracks me up, but of course I have to act extremely serious and flabbergasted or Mr. Sensitive Magician will stomp to his room!

He is getting a bit frustrated with Boy #3, who keeps spoiling his tricks because he just doesn’t get the concept of “humoring his brother” since he’s only 3-almost-4. “There it is!” he shouted last night, pointing at a half-eaten donut that was lying on the kitchen floor that was supposed to have “disappeared.” It was almost enough to make Boy #2 hang up his cape.

This morning he told me he had a good dream last night (which is rather rare for him.). He met Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place at the playground. Even thinking about magic in his sleep!

I found this magic hat and rabbit on clearance at toysrus.com, and I’m thinking this is a must-have gift for Boy #2 for Christmas.

I hope he’s still on tour then…


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