A Picture-(Not-So) Perfect Christmas Morning

Don’t you love scrolling through recently uploaded Christmas photos and seeing how you really captured the true Christmas spirit of your children?

The innocence of anticipation…

That “real smile” from a pre-teen who got something he wasn’t expecting…

The magic of a six-year-old reading a letter from Santa…

The rage of a four-year-old angrily stomping on a book he found in his stocking…

Yes, that’s right. The first thing Boy #3 did on Christmas morning was head to his stocking, pull out a Bolt book, throw it on the ground, and stomp on it, screaming, “I SAID DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING BOLT!!!”

And curiously, after we all watched the Bolt movie in the theater a few weeks prior, I was told, “I want a Bolt Christmas, Mommy!” Ah, the fickle nature of a four-year-old.

So before opening any presents, Boy #3 got the gift of a stern lecture about being appreciative of what you get wrapped in the threat of a phone call to Santa to come load up his gifts.

Ah, Christmas morning…as serene and unblemished as newly fallen snow…

3 thoughts on “A Picture-(Not-So) Perfect Christmas Morning”

  1. LOL… kids, gotta love them!

    Emily got a toy from an Uncle and I'm not sure what the Uncle was thinking, lol. Anyway, it was a truck, with mini cars in it. She came & showed it to me & I said it was cute. She said, "But it's a BOY toy!" She then got the lecture of being appreciative. Do you know, that was one of the first gifts she played with, when she got home? And still plays with it almost ever day? The little stinker!

  2. Oh, a girl I met at a party over Christmas said her three-year-old didn’t want to eat turkey for Thanksgiving so when everyone bowed their head for the prayer, he ran around and said, “NO! Do NOT close your eyes! We are NOT praying to Jesus. We are NOT thankful!”

    So, you know, it could have been worse with Boy #3. Poor Bolt…rejected on Christmas! That’s painful, man!

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