A Spring Break Pity Party

As my two sisters and their families are driving to sunny Arizona at this very moment to spend Spring Break with my parents, I try not to explode with jealousy as I think about spending next week working and trying to keep the boys from destroying the house—or one another—as they stay home with Husband all week.

And I try not to let a tear slip from my cheek as I picture the modest little Spring Break getaway I had intended on surprising the boys with—a night or two at a nearby hotel with an indoor water park—and this picture is replaced by a picture of my van, stranded once again in the driveway with its hood up. After having it back home for approximately one week from the shop, something else decided to act up within it. So I sadly hand over my vacation money to my attention-seeking grocery getter.

She is so needy.

But look on the bright side, I tell myself. Spring break in Iowa can’t be that bad. After all, it’s going to be spring! I mean, almost all the snow is melted. And it’s in the balmy 40’s.

Just take a look at these beautiful photos I captured in my front yard this morning . . .

I wouldn't recommend eating this snow.
Ready to go sledding down some mounds of sludge?
I think we'll try to see if this pumpkin can last until next Halloween...
What beauty is unearthed when the snow thaws!

So what do ya think? Who wants to change their travel plans to Iowa?

I know. Tempting isn’t it?

What are you doing for Spring Break? (I promise not to cuss you out if you tell me it’s someplace warm, sunny, and mud-free.)

5 thoughts on “A Spring Break Pity Party”

  1. We were going to go to Breckenridge Colorado but I cancelled those plans. Surprisingly my family doesn’t completely hate me. We may possibly take them to Omaha for a weekend.

    By the way if you have your boys smash that pumpkin and then till up the soil so that the pumpkin seeds get planted then that pumpkin will last until Halloween. You will have an entire patch of them. 🙂

  2. Oh hang in there hon! The financial woes are getting old, aren’t they? It’s been lean here for so long that I would gladly accept a road trip to Iowa and count it as a vacation!

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