A Tale of a Boy Mom—The Stowaway

This is something that would only happen to a mom of boys…

I was leaving work a few days ago and was walking around the back of my van in the parking ramp when I spotted this:

If you don’t know what it is, then you obviously don’t have boys between the ages of 5 and 14. And that’s okay. Allow me to explain.

It’s called a Bakugan. You’ve probably seen them overtaking the toy aisles at Target. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly they work, but basically they are balls that have a magnet on them. There are magnetic collector cards that you can use with them. If you place a Bakugan ball on a magnetic card, the ball “transforms” into a creature. It kind of pops open and then can go to battle for you. I really don’t get that part. It involves adding up g-power points and some other rules that don’t make sense to this estrogen-laden brain. Oh, and you have to yell, “Bakugan brawl!” I do know that part. I only hear it about 750 times a day. But I’m getting off topic. It really doesn’t matter that you understand the intricacies of a Bakugan battle brawl. My point is…

…a Bakugan rode 10 miles with me and then hung out on my minivan the entire 7+ hours I was at work.

Here were my thoughts after I climbed into the van with my hitchhiker, which I allowed to ride inside on the way home. Because I’m nice like that. (And possibly because I didn’t want the other downtown commuters to point and snicker when I drove by.)

  1. Damn, that is one strong magnet!
  2. Ooh, I wonder how many people walked past my minivan in the ramp and thought, “What the hell?”
  3. *Sigh* My “boy mom” identity follows me wherever I go. Even if it has to cling for life on the back of my vehicle.

Any other moms (or dads) out there relate?

Or is it just me?

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4 thoughts on “A Tale of a Boy Mom—The Stowaway”

  1. Although my boy won’t be five for 30 days (sniff), I do know what Bakugan is. Thankfully, we do not own them… yet. But I have been known to reach into a pocket and pull out teeny-tiny Star Wars blasters instead of my office keys.
    .-= IASoupMama´s last blog ..Uncle Furry =-.

  2. Haha! My 8 and 6 year old boys love Bakugans too. But they apparently are not as knowledgeable are yours. We’re kind of Bakugan honyacks out here in the sticks. They don’t really pay attention to the points or yell at them to brawl. But they are all over the house, and occasionally seem to have a party on the door to the refrigerator.

    I do think it is hilarious that one hitch-hiked to work with you and then hung out while you worked all day. Mainly I just step on them and cuss at them. What did the boys say when you told them the story?

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