Okay, does anyone else ever find themselves waking up on Sunday morning, not refreshed and reflecting on the Lord’s day like you probably SHOULD be, but instead panicking about everything you need to get done today? Sundays should be a day of REST, but instead for me, they are often a day of anxiety and lists that never get completed. *sigh* This goes back all the way to my childhood. I used to feel sick nearly ever Sunday, and now I realize it was because I was anxious about going back to school the next day. And not because I didn’t like school—I was a big nerd and enjoyed most things about school. But because, well, I have issues.

And despite the wonderful world of (legal) drugs, I still find myself occasionally overwhelmed at the beginning of a new day and all of the tasks I feel like I should complete.

So maybe it will make me feel a little more at ease to share my list of today’s tasks with you all. Okay, here we go.

  • Go to church. Okay, this isn’t really a task because I love it once we get there, but it IS a task to get 3 kids dressed and out the door on time, not to mention dropping off a bawling 4-year-old at Sunday School because he wants to “be with Mommy!”
  • Clean the downstairs. Yeah, this was ALL CLEAN on WEDNESDAY. Of course, I had to schedule a jewelry party at my house to have an excuse to get it all clean, but after taking the day off from work, I managed to get it done. And now? Let’s see…the family room floor is covered in clean clothes that I folded yesterday and put in piles for the boys, only to then be kicked over and walked on instead of carried upstairs. The kitchen looks like the General Mills factory exploded—cereal everywhere (Honestly, we go through more cereal than is even mathematically possible). Not to mention the cookie sheet and skillet soaking in the sink with yesterday’s leftover super-nachos from the big Iowa/Iowa State football game viewing. Throw in there some broken crayons that my dog has chewed up and spit out, some dirty socks because the boys can’t ever seem to find their way to the laundry room, and a half-naked doll that is lying on the end table (Yes, we have all boys. Why?), and you’ve got yourself One. Big. Mess.
  • Do laundry. This is neverending, but right now the laundry seems to be winning. I’d like my 4-year-old to actually wear a pair of HIS OWN underwear for a change instead of his brother’s…
  • Clean our bathroom. Okay, this is the ONE room that did not get clean on Wednesday. It’s out of control. Just icky. This has GOT to get done, but it always seems to take last priority. And then I find myself throwing up in my mouth a little every morning as I’m stepping into the shower…
  • Work on our Financial Peace University class. Husband and I started taking this class last week, and of course, we’ve waited until the last day to do our homework! Maybe because it involves fun stuff like, you know, paying bills and putting together a budget. *shudder* But I know it’s going to be worth it in the end!
  • Figure out my Custom Framing business. Yes, I sell Creative Memories. (Okay, I use the word “sell” figuratively. Mainly, I buy stuff I like and PLAN to actually sell stuff someday!) Well, I’ve had this Custom Framing kit for over a year and have yet to actually get it all out, watch the DVD, and figure out how to do it. I have quite a few things I want to frame, so you’d think I’d make time to do this, but it always seems to get put off until “tomorrow.”
  • Help my kids clean their rooms. Yes, they were picked up on Wednesday, but last night when I read to them I realized that they are once again TRASHED. This means they have WAY too many toys and stuff. I just need to go through and do a massive overhaul, giving away or selling about half of their things. I don’t think they’d even notice. But of course, like everything, this takes TIME. And I just never seem to have quite enough!
  • Do actual work—for my job. Yes, I do have work I need to do this weekend, and since I get paid by the hour, I’d actually GET PAID for doing it. So you’d think I’d make sure I carve out some time…We’ll see. I will probably be doing it about midnight and cursing myself in the morning.
  • Buy groceries. Honest to Pete, I swear I do this every stinkin’ day. I just need to be more organized about planning meals and such so I’m not running to the store every day, like all of a sudden it just dawned on me that my family will have to EAT. “Didn’t we just eat YESTERDAY?”

Oh, there’s more, there’s so much more, but I’ve nearly started hyperventilating, and it’s time to start kicking my kids in the butt to get dressed for church. Not to mention shower (in my disgusting bathroom) unless I want to look like the Bride of Frankenstein showing up at the late service.

I’ll update you later on what, if anything, I actually accomplish today. I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats!

Here’s hoping YOU have a relaxing and restful Sunday!


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