All Is Not Well in Suburbia

Sad ending to a strange situation.

Read the article about the suicidal standoff and the beanbag-induced death here.

And did I mention that this happened in my neighborhood? Yep, right where Boy #1 goes sledding in the winter. Husband called me Monday and said there were fire trucks, a DCI van, and news crew just down the street.

Again, let me reiterate, I live in the suburbs. Of Des Moines. IOWA. Not really where you’d imagine the strange or freaky happening.

But now we have this.

And we have the gypsy.

Although I haven’t seen my favorite gypsy in a few months, so I’m wondering if the she either:
a) retired
b) hitched a ride to Seattle, or
c) was finally forced to conform to the rest of us Iowans and is now working in insurance in downtown Des Moines

Regardless, I’m thinking maybe we need to move somewhere a little less exciting. Like the middle of Nebraska. Or New York City . . . The ‘burbs are getting a little too unpredictable for my blood.

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