Analyze This!

Here is a summary of my dream last night. Would someone kindly tell me what it means?

First of all, I was at work, and I had to go to the bathroom (which was HUH-YUGE, by the way), and so I went into a stall and got to business. Well, first someone came right into the stall to refill the toilet paper. Gee, thanks, but it probably could’ve waited. THEN someone (he must’ve been really tall) looked right over the stall because he was discussing with someone else how they were going to move the toilets (apparently, they were turning the bathroom into some other room). FINALLY, after having my privacy already violated twice, someone picked up and moved the ENTIRE STALL, and I was left, sitting in the middle of this huge room, on the toilet, my pants around my ankles.

Next, I went to the swimming pool (the one I worked at growing up, which is now just a big grassy hill) and told all my friends what had happened to me at work. Then I looked at the pools, and they were full of mud. People were swimming in mud. Next, I saw Boy #3 running around, which was strange, because he was supposed to be at the baby-sitter’s house. (Yes, I paid a sitter to watch my kids so I could go hang out at the pool. You know, I do that all the time. Gotta work on my tan, people!) I found the baby-sitter, which was a man, and found out that the other man, who was supposed to be watching him, died.

Okey dokey. Now switch to leaving the pool. I asked Boy #1 to just pull the car into the parking lot for me while I grabbed my stuff. (Yes, he’s 10.) Instead, he took off with the car and proceeded to drive around town with Boys #2 and #3 in tow. I followed him, screaming for him to stop, until he finally got pulled over by the police. And then I got in trouble for asking him to pull into the parking space for me in the first place.

Now, what the HECK does all this mean? Anything? Does it mean that I just had too much caffeine before I went to bed, does it mean that I have just a WEE bit of anxiety right now in my life, or does it mean that I just need to be committed with an IV drip of valium to keep me company?

Anyone? Anyone?


**Photo from Lily Zhu’s collection on Flickr


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