Anyone Up for Thriftilicious Thursday?

You may have THOUGHT it was dead, but no…there’s still a heartbeat…Thriftilicious Thursday is alive and kicking! (Well, alive, anyway…)

I’d love to be able to bring you a story from Goodwill, but Husband has put the kibosh on my daily weekly trips to the thrift shop—it seems a bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s something you don’t need (Who knew?)—so maybe next time folks. It’s been a few weeks now so I may be able to justify checking back in. But for today I’ll bring you some Thriftilicious finds from cyberspace.

Stuff That Costs Nuttin’ Honey!

  1. First in the “FREE” category (and what the heck is better than FREE?!) is a downloadable calendar from Mibo. Seriously, alls you gotta do is sign up for their newsletter, and you’ll receive a FREE downloadable calendar that makes all the other free downloadable calendars out there look like CRAPOLA. This calendar is a beaut, I tell ya, a beaut. (Did I just sound like Junie B. Jones right there, or is it just me?) I printed it out on some heavier paper and now have it hanging in my soon-to-be-revealed-newly-organized office!
  2. If you haven’t noticed (And if you haven’t, seriously, what must I do to get your attention?), I made myself a new header because I got real tired of looking at that, well, nonexistent one I had going on before. Now I’m not claiming to be this graphic design goddess by any means. I’ll leave that one to my sister (yes, you, turkeypants!). But it was pretty stinkin’ easy, I have to admit. And it was all created on a FREE Web site you can use called Thanks to Jody for hooking me up! It is way easy and tons of fun. Get on there and just play around with your photos. Warning, though: It MAY be addicting. Please don’t hold me responsible if you wake up in a pile of your own saliva with your head on your laptop and 376 photos all converted to Night Vision!

Stuff That Costs More Than Nuttin’ But Less Than It Used To

  1. A few Christmases ago, HUSBAND got me what would become my most favoritest gift of all: Hand Hemp Protector from the Body Shop. Yes, I did just say that hand lotion was my favorite gift, but I have two reasons. 1) Husband actually went into the shop and asked for the best hand lotion they have for me because my hands get dry and horrible in the winter. Very sweet, I thought. And 2) This stuff is crack cocaine for the epidermis. It works So. Incredibly. Well. That tube he got me a couple Christmases ago? Yeah, I would take a picture for you but it’s currently on the floor of my minivan (of course) and seeing as how it’s probably 10 degrees out, I’m too lazy and cold to go get it. But let me just say that no one has ever gotten their money’s worth out of a hand cream like I have. I don’t even squeeze the bottom of the tube of toothpaste, but I started rolling up the bottom of this tube of hand lotion. And even when the DOG got ahold of it, that didn’t make me think it was time to throw it away. HECK no! In fact, the teeth holes have actually made it EASIER to get the last squirts of lotion out of the tube. I’ve squeezed and pushed, squeezed and pushed until I’m pretty sure I’ve developed carpal tunnel…But sadly, there is no more to splurt out. So when I saw that the Body Shop now had all its Hemp products Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF, my heart (and hands!) jumped for joy!
  2. The MoMA Store is having a great Winter Sale! Right now we start birthday mania at our house. This month: my niece, my mom, Boy #1, Boy #2 (4 days later), and my sister. Next month: my nephew, me. The month after: Brother-in-Law, Husband. So I love finding great gift ideas, like this Two-Tone Expandable Backpack, originally $30, now only $9.95! This authentic Rubik’s cube with a MoMA design for $4.95 is also very cool! And for only $9.99, this Animal Postcard Box featuring art from the MoMA would be fun to use for correspondence or even to decorate a kids’ room! Anyone who knows me will attest that I have an obsession with both “things that clip” and anything chalkboard-y. Well, folks, this Cap’n Hook Chalkboard has both. And it’s less than half-price. Must. Have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest edition of Thriftilicious Thursday.

Remember, friends, you’re not cheap—you’re thriftilicious!


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