ATTN INTERNETS: Scrapbook Giveaway!

So, I love to scrapbook.

LOVE it.

That’s why, after attending a weekend scrapbooking retreat several years in a row, I became a Creative Memories consultant. “Discount? Don’t mind if I do!”

Well, Internets, over the past year, I’ve been a wee bit neglectful of the “selling” part of my business. (The “buying” part? Oh, yeah. I’ve got that down pat.) Husband? Well, let’s just say he’s less than amused. Seems he thinks I should probably earn some money to pay for my purchases. What can I say? That’s why HE’S the math professor.

So I gotta be honest.

I need to kick my business in the butt.

Here’s where you come in! (Aren’t you glad I was thoughtful enough to include you?)

I’m giving away a 7X7 ABC Album AND ABC Monogram stickers that go with it. Alls you gotta do is visit my Web site and then come back here and comment, telling me a product that you really like. (Don’t worry–I promise not to then stalk you about purchasing said product.) That will earn you one entry. If you post about it on your Web site (and leave me a comment with the address so I can visit), you’ll get another entry. And if someone leaves a comment and says that YOU sent them, you’ll get yet ANOTHER entry! Be sure to leave me an email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner!

And while you’re on my Web site, make sure you check out the Christmas in July sale where you can save up to 50% on a whole slew of products! Also, the Tote-ally Fun Bundle!

And one more thing, just to top it off, if you find something you like, I’ll give you 15% off your order (excluding the Christmas in July and Tote-ally Fun deals)! Make sure you email me at with your order instead of ordering from my Web site in order to receive the discount since this is a special deal I’m offering!

So head on over to my Web site and see what the ALL NEW Creative Memories has to offer (No more dusty pink albums with garish stickers). Then comment and register to win! Hurry! I will draw for the winner July 23!

8 thoughts on “ATTN INTERNETS: Scrapbook Giveaway!”

  1. OK,I really like the side kick cup holder. No more worrying about spilling my drink on all my hard work!

    And I’ll give you some linky love here soon!

  2. yeah, the thing I’ve always wanted but never purchased in the journaltopia writing guide. Maybe because I’m too cheap to pay shipping on an inexpensive item but I won’t. Anyway, I love that thing and I’m a type A personality so I’d love to keep things in a straight line.
    p.s. jody sent me

  3. I LOVE the fact that CM finally came out with a glue pen, and mini punches. (I have the frog one) But I also want the mini galaxy punch too. So many choices!!!

    How much for shipping to MN?

  4. I like the Everyday Display in Chocolate. 🙂 Also the cup holder … it sucks when my kids scrapbooks smell like beer when I spill.

  5. Hi hi! Hope I am not too late! The album looks awesome and I would like to win it!
    My fav product is the Playful PicFolio™ Minutes Album 6×7.
    What attracted me is the colour! Love the colour!

  6. I love your REO Speedwagon layout pages! My husband & I love to go to concerts & that's what I mainly scrapbook! It's a lot of fun! I need to browse your products more to see if there are any Rockstar scrap papers & embellishments.
    Love your web site!

  7. I love the simply said books. I cant wait to get one. It seems like the great present to give someone when u are pressed for time but you want it to have a special meaning!

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