Back to School—The Thriftilicious Way

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m cheap. (Gasp!) That’s why back-to-school time gives me both a heart attack and a thrill up my spine at the same time. So much to buy. But so many bargains! (The trick is not getting carried away with all the bargains. *Ahem.*)

Just so ya know—I’m here for you. I’ve been scouring the internet opening up my email in search of the best back-to-school deals. Here are just a few to get you started…

Have I mentioned before that I’m a Crocs convert? Yeah, I guess I have. Have I told you that I even made it on the Crocs blog once? Oh, yeah, I guess I did… Well, right now Crocs has a couple of really good deals going on. Selected colors of Cayman Crocs for kids are $14.95 and $19.95. I LOVE these for boys! They can slip them on, slip them off, and they don’t have to worry about little details like learning how to tie their shoes! (Seriously, I’m really scared to find out if my soon-to-be second-grader remembers how to do this!)

Crocs also has a BOGO 50% off deal going on in Men’s Women’s and Kids’ styles. I’m eyeing these at the moment. They are so comfortable and so stinkin’ cute!

Today only, eBags is offering an extra 25% off any one item. We’ve ordered quite a few times from here, and we’ve always been impressed with their selection, price, and service. Boy #1 needs a new bag for middle school (I almost couldn’t spit that out), so I’m sure he can find something both cool and cheap to satisfy both of us! Some brands are excluded, though, so make sure you check the disclaimer before making your selection! You’ll find the code you need for the discount on the home page.

Aeropostale and P.S.
Now through 8/09, you can save an extra 30% off at Aeropostale and P.S. from Aeropostale, their new kids’ store. You can order online with the discount code found here, or you can go to the site and print a coupon to take into the store. Boy #1 loves Aeropostale, although I always seem to embarrass him when I try to pronounce it. I like the fact that they offer stylish clothes that kids will wear without charging an insane amount like some other clothing stores I could mention. (And the fact that so far I haven’t noticed any soft porn ads for Aeropostale like some of their competitors. You know who you are!)

If you’re a boy mom, you probably find yourself purchasing a lot of T-shirts. Basically, this is all my kids wear. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, with the occasional sweatshirt thrown in there. They have a closet full of hanging button-up shirts and sweaters, but these only get worn at Christmas or some other “fancy function” (and you can probably guess that we don’t go to too many of these). Although I do get a lot of T-shirts from Target and WalMart, I do get tired of the same old SpongeBob T-shirt like everyone else has, or worse, the T-shirt that disses school by saying something intelligent like “I don’t learn nothin’ from skool.” Yes, these are my pet peeves. Anyway, I like to find different T-shirts at Goodwill or garage sales, but even more I love to find them on esty! I am in love with everything at charlieandsarah‘s shop on etsy, especially their British flashcard series, and right now if you buy 2 items, you get 1 free! How awesome is that?

Happy Family
Another great etsy shop is happyfamily. They have adorable T-shirts as well, including this one that Sheldon was seen wearing on The Big Bang Theory. (Please tell me you’ve seen this series. If not, get up and run to your nearest Blockbuster or other movie-renting-place and rent Season 1. Quite possibly the funniest show EVER. I almost peed last night watching it.) Okay, back to T-shirts. Right now if you buy 2 Tees, you get a Tote Bag free! Who doesn’t need another tote bag?! (Just don’t ask Husband that question.)

Happy back-to-school shopping!

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