“Baking Day”—Boogers and Burps Style

Apparently my parenting style is to live vicariously through others. That’s why I love following other moms’ blogs so much. For example, over the past two days I’ve enjoyed reading recounts of several moms’ Baking Day experiences, as well as drooling over photos of their bounty.

The $5 Dinner Mom made all kinds of goodies for her family to enjoy later, and my friend Melody at Three Boys and a Dog teased me via Twitter with her assortment of scrumptious muffins. I nearly hopped in my car and drove the 40 minutes to her house to sample one of the chocolate/cream cheese muffins! Mmmmmm…

Apparently, Baking Day/Freezer Cooking Day/Whatever You Want to Call It Day was hosted this month by Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom, and over 200 other moms participated and shared their success. It’s a great idea; to spend a day or two baking, cooking, planning ahead to provide good meals for your family.

Me? As I said, I just like to read about these great go-getter moms. Let’s see…last night for us it was kids-eat-free night at Godfather’s Pizza buffet, and tonight it was $1.89 Happy Meal night at McDonald’s.

And sadly, I’m not kidding. Just hoping reading these moms’ blogs will cause a sliver of their homemaker-ness to rub off on me.

But I’m not holding my breath.


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