There are days when I cannot get to work fast enough. I get in the van, shut the door, turn on my uplifting music, and relax. After 15 minutes of listening to what I want to listen to and spending some quiet time in prayer, I arrive at my office. Aahhh, to drink a cup of coffee in peace. I don’t have to break up fights or send anyone to their room. No one is yelling “Moooommm!” down the hall. (And if they do, I don’t have to answer!) Instead of hearing “It’s not fair!” yelled at the top of the lungs, I only have to hear whispered grumblings now and again. And I can tune those out with my ipod. I get paid to read and write and correct grammar, all things I love. I even get to use different colored pens if I want. Really, it’s the perfect job for me.

Then there are days like this when I get to work only to wish I were still at home. Wish I were a good stay-at-home mom who can take the boys to the library or to the pool. Wish I were home digging through the boys’ rooms, getting everything organized so they can find the toy they want to play with and always have clean underwear in their drawers. Wish I had our list of family rules posted on the fridge and everyone followed them eagerly. Wish we could all lay down for an afternoon snuggle.

Sometimes I even wish I could teach the boys myself, like she does. (If you know me personally, you are most likely laughing heartily at this point.)

But here I am. And there they are.

I miss the little hoodlums.


  1. Just so you know…I was a stay at home mom for 11 years, and the rooms were never organized. We still could never find anything. We didn’t always have clean underwear. But I loved my life. That was my choice and fortunately I was able to stay home…And when I did go back to teaching, I had a terrible time with the organizational part (what a shock!)…I kept saying, “Things will get better once I get used to being back to work!” I said that for 18 years, until I retired!! (And while I was at work I always missed my kids…if they were home…and while at home, many times I missed my students!! No satisifying me!!)
    Since I’m elderly I’ll pass out a little bit of wisdom here.
    1. Love what you do while you’re doing it!! That really is your choice…
    2. Do the best you can at all you attempt.
    3. Smile and think positive thoughts.
    These are my little pearls. You can type them up and pin them on my chest when I’m in the home…wearing a nametag!

    PS You are such a good Mom. You have a husband who loves you. And you have had the best of both worlds…a career you love and a sister (who loves your kids) to watch them.
    Life is too short for regrets. Embrace it (and try to get more sleep:)

  2. momof3ps, just wanted to remind you that, while you’re correct that I do love Paula’s boys, did you forget that I don’t watch them anymore? I have my own career now. Not that I’ve made any money yet. But, regardless, I haven’t watched the boys for 6 weeks and probably never will be able to again on a permanent basis. Just wanted to make sure you remembered that part. I’m getting ready to send you to the home now…

  3. momof3ps…yes, momof2dancers is right, she is no longer watching the boys…please don’t make us put you in a home yet! 🙂

    momof2dancers…Welcome to the world of working (away from home) moms! I’m still praying that you get your business off the ground pronto. You’re off to an excellent start!

    trenchesofmommyhood…Yes, only sometimes for me as well. Hence my “mood swings.” Usually I miss them a lot until I actually walk in the door and witness the chaos that has ensued and is about to begin. Then I long for my little cubicle again! 🙂

  4. Momof3ps, I hear ya. I want so badly to be home with my daughter, but here it is summer vacation and I miss my “kids” at school something fierce. It’s a no win sometimes.

    PJmomof3boys, I understand what you’re saying. It’s hard to be away from them and wondering how they are and what they’re doing.

    Momof2dancers, new career? Tell me about it! (pj has my email). I bet she misses you being with them. My sis had my daughter for 2 years and I definitely miss it!)

  5. Yeah, I see the problem. I didn’t use the correct tense in that sentence. I should have said “You WERE fortunate to have had your loving sister watch your children.” So please don’t take them to her house now,, as there will be no one to watch them there! Imagine they could make themselves right at home, though. She also has windows that one could hang out of…and hers would be even more challenging!
    (I do have the correct tense in the sentence about your husband, though , don’t I?..just wanting to be accurate…tense-wise)
    Hope I have cleared everything if someone could just help me remember who I am and why I’m typing!!

  6. I always miss my kids when I am gone, but I am a MUCH better mom when I go to work. It makes the time we have together all the better. My kids like me better when I go to work too, they don’t have as many things to do those days. lol

  7. Found your blog through The Fritz Files…looks like you have your hands full! Look forward to reading some more.


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