Okay, Mom, NO, you didn’t go to the wrong site. It’s me, Paula. I’m still here but after all the hoopla I made with changing my site LAST week . . . I changed it again.

Sorry to be so incredibly volatile on you all, like some kind of mysterious shape-shifter, or my sister-in-law’s hair color. (Love you, A!)

It’s just that after FINALLY hitting the “publish” button (which, as you may recall, was not NEARLY that easy and instead required 5 phone calls to GoDaddy, all of which were a big FAIL, and one visit to Jody‘s husband Doug, which was a big YOU’RESOAWESOMEDOUGANDWAYWAYSMARTERTHANANYOFTHEGODADDYTECHS) . . . I didn’t think it was going to work the way I wanted it to. Husband was confused, as were a few other folks, and even though I knew you’d all eventually get the hang of where to find my most recent posts, I decided there was no reason to make it that hard. After all, what’s my blog without you guys?

So this week I’m trying this theme on for size. So far, I’m kinda digging it. I think it’s a little more “me.”

There are still a few things I need to tweak, and I am still not making any promises that you won’t check in on me tomorrow and find me bright purple with a Flash-animated cheetah running across the top of my blog . . . but I’ll try to make a decision (and solve my identity crisis) soon. Fair enough?

Thanks, guys. Have I told you lately that I love you?

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