Coming out of my funk

I know, I know. As my friend Jody recently reminded me, I never write, I never call… Why is it that my excuse always seems to be that things have been stressful? It’s never, “I’ve been having sooo much fun in this vacation-like life I lead that I couldn’t tear myself away to write a blog post.” Nope. And just to remain consistent, my excuse this time is no different β€” Stress. Busyness. Chaos and anarchy.

Here’s the short version:

Husband left for Poland for a month. Three boys played baseball in three different leagues. I was haunted by a rabbit carcass for a week and a half. I lost my job. I had to wait a day for Husband to text me so I could tell him the good news. I spent my 16th wedding anniversary doing laundry. I looked for jobs. I cleaned up poop and puke. I found myself secretly enjoying the new cartoon series “The Amazing World of Gumball.” My mom’s friend told her she was glad to see that I’d put on some weight. She meant it as a compliment. I couldn’t decide whether to thank her or cry. I comforted my 6-year-old after he got bullied by a goat at the zoo. I developed a hyper-perspiration condition. My baby started shaving. I looked for houses to rent. I drank way too many 32-ounce convenience store sodas (69 centst!). I said I’d write a blog post tomorrow.

Well, it’s finally tomorrow. And Husband will be back in 6 days. SIX! The 4th of July is coming up, and you know what that means β€” a small-town celebration in all its glory (and carnies). And the summer’s moochcation to Rochester, Minnesota, has been planned. Nothing says “vacation” like twice-daily trips to Mayo Clinic!

I’m finally emerging from the funk I was in and have decided to rejoin the land of the living (and literate). Hopefully that means I will keep up my commitment to this blog and maintain my friendship with all of my wonderful bloggy friends. Thanks for hanging with me!

Cool photo by meophamman


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