Commuting Is Cheaper Than Therapy

This morning my commute went like this…

*Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.*

Me: Boy #3, please stop kicking my seat!

Boy #3: Sorry, Mommy! I hate you—I mean I love you!

Me: We don’t say, “hate.” And I love you too.

Boy #3: Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk.

Me: BOY #3! Mommy has a headache!

Boy #3: What makes that sound, Mommy? Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk.

Me: I don’t know. What, Boy #3?

Boy #3: A goose!

Me: Yes, I guess a goose does make that sound.

*Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.*

Me: Boy #3! What did I say about kicking the seat?!

Boy #3: Sorry, Mommy.

Me: It’s okay. Please don’t do it again.

Boy #3: AAAHHHHH! BLANKIE!!!! Get it! Get it! Get it!

Me: Did you drop your blankie?

Boy #3: YES! GET IT!!!!!!

Me: (reaching my right arm back and feeling around until I recognize the feel of a grungy, ratty thermal material that must be blankie) HERE! Now hold on to it! Mommy’s not going to get it again! (Yeah, right… We both know I can’t handle the screaming…)

Boy #3: Mommy, can we go to China?

Me: What?

Boy #3: Can we go to China today?

Me: Well, that would sure be fun! Maybe someday we could go. I don’t think today will work, though. Why do you want to go to China?

Boy #3: I want to see the Great Wall!

Me: How do you know about the Great Wall?

Boy #3: We built it in preschool.

Me: Wow, that sounds really fun!

Boy #3: I just really want to see how big it is. Do you think it’s bigger than my preschool?

Me: Yes, I think it is.

We pull in to Boy #3’s daycare, and I walk him inside, help him find a center, give him a kiss, tell him I love him, check him in on the computer, and get back inside the van so I can drive for 30 more minutes to work.

I take a deep breath.

I turn on my favorite radio station and start to drive.

After a few miles, I startle myself when I realize I am singing “He Reigns” at the TOP OF MY LUNGS.

And after I pull into work and put it in park, I thank God for my boys—headache-inducing noise, ceaseless questions, poopy pants, ruined furniture, boogers, burps, and all.

Despite the chaos of my life, this country, and the world—life is good.


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