Commuting Is Cheaper Than Therapy

This morning my commute went like this…

*Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.*

Me: Boy #3, please stop kicking my seat!

Boy #3: Sorry, Mommy! I hate you—I mean I love you!

Me: We don’t say, “hate.” And I love you too.

Boy #3: Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk.

Me: BOY #3! Mommy has a headache!

Boy #3: What makes that sound, Mommy? Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk. Awwwk.

Me: I don’t know. What, Boy #3?

Boy #3: A goose!

Me: Yes, I guess a goose does make that sound.

*Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.*

Me: Boy #3! What did I say about kicking the seat?!

Boy #3: Sorry, Mommy.

Me: It’s okay. Please don’t do it again.

Boy #3: AAAHHHHH! BLANKIE!!!! Get it! Get it! Get it!

Me: Did you drop your blankie?

Boy #3: YES! GET IT!!!!!!

Me: (reaching my right arm back and feeling around until I recognize the feel of a grungy, ratty thermal material that must be blankie) HERE! Now hold on to it! Mommy’s not going to get it again! (Yeah, right… We both know I can’t handle the screaming…)

Boy #3: Mommy, can we go to China?

Me: What?

Boy #3: Can we go to China today?

Me: Well, that would sure be fun! Maybe someday we could go. I don’t think today will work, though. Why do you want to go to China?

Boy #3: I want to see the Great Wall!

Me: How do you know about the Great Wall?

Boy #3: We built it in preschool.

Me: Wow, that sounds really fun!

Boy #3: I just really want to see how big it is. Do you think it’s bigger than my preschool?

Me: Yes, I think it is.

We pull in to Boy #3’s daycare, and I walk him inside, help him find a center, give him a kiss, tell him I love him, check him in on the computer, and get back inside the van so I can drive for 30 more minutes to work.

I take a deep breath.

I turn on my favorite radio station and start to drive.

After a few miles, I startle myself when I realize I am singing “He Reigns” at the TOP OF MY LUNGS.

And after I pull into work and put it in park, I thank God for my boys—headache-inducing noise, ceaseless questions, poopy pants, ruined furniture, boogers, burps, and all.

Despite the chaos of my life, this country, and the world—life is good.

7 thoughts on “Commuting Is Cheaper Than Therapy”

  1. Love the song!! I’m going back to listen to it again, lol. And isn’t it great to find a silver lining in all the chaos?

  2. So true. You are so very blessed.
    Life is precious and good. AND these are the little things you will look back on ….and miss….when your babies have babies of their own. Seems like it was just yesterday when I was repeating, “Friends will come and go but you will always have your sisters!” And you guys would give me a look that said, “Gag me now!”…and now it is so true.
    Sorry, I find myself getting verklempt (sp?) more and more lately…probably due to my advanced age…or maybe all of those apple fumes have finally permeated my psyche.
    Applesauce, anyone?

  3. momof3boys—-it’s nice to be able to look at what is good. we don’t do it enough. well i know i don’t.

    momof3ps—-my mom used to tell us that too, about our sisters…and now they’re like the only 2 friends i have! dang parents being right! lol

  4. This is a really good post. In these uncertain times, it’s important to remember to be thankful for all our blessings!

  5. Love that song! I find myself doing that ALL THE TIME! Because if it wasn't that I'd have to digress to my teenaged years- when I was angry it was Ratt's "Round & Round" album at top volume…

  6. Life is good. There are times we all need a reminder, like after a game of twenty questions we don’t remember signing up for.

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