Contrary to rumors, we have NOT joined some weird apocalyptic cult…

Conversation tonight at Boy #1’s Little League City Tournament game (and yes, we won, thanks for asking):

Boy #3: Grandma, is it the end of the world?

Grandma: Uh…

Boy #3: When it’s the end of the world, I’m going to be a girl, and Daddy’s going to be a girl, and Mommy’s going to be a boy.

Grandma: Uh…

Boy #3: Can I have a piece of gum?

11 thoughts on “Contrary to rumors, we have NOT joined some weird apocalyptic cult…”

  1. Ah Boy #3. Isn’t this the same boy who wondered how you could open the door if you had monkey hands….and was upset with Pam’s dog because he wouldn’t smell his armpits? Yes, I believe it is

  2. momof3ps, yes, it is the same boy. Yes, it is. After 3-almost-4 years, I’m still not sure I understand him…He’s an enigma—but a cute one.

  3. I think he was born freakishly intelligent. He secretly has had all aspects of academia mastered since, around, 18 months. Now that he is 3, and we all know what 3 year olds are like, he is simply toying with us. Rather than doing things that other 3 year olds do to make their parents crazy, such as urinating on their oscillating fan, his plan is to bring you to the edge of sanity by tormenting you with questions and theories your mind cannot possibly process. He is the cutest, and sweetest evil genius I have ever seen:)

  4. How funny!! I’m not sure which I laughed more at, your original post or momof3ps comment?

    Ok, ladies..keep all these family funnies coming. Any secret funnies you’d like to reveal about pj?

  5. I wasn’t going to wait until the end of the world. Since momof3ps thinks that I carry a purse, I’m already half way there.

  6. that’s GREAT. at the end of the world, i wanna be a cockroach…you know i’ll survive 😉

  7. Art V., I know your purse is actually European. But, regardless, just remember, as my #2told you a few weeks ago, “Even if people did think you were carrying a purse, it’s not like they would care!!!!!!” And let me add that the same philosophy goes for buying feminine products or makeup for your wife when she needs it. In fact, let me send that one out to ALL men and not just you.

  8. OMG!! I so needed these laughs. I can just picture G’ma Reece’s face as #3 says these things to her. Isn’t this the same boy who asked her where the dead people were when he went with her to the cemetary on Memorial Day?

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