Controversial Blog Post Puts Woman into Labor!

Is it a coincidence that turkeypants (AKA my little sis) commented THREE times on my controversial post yesterday—and is now IN LABOR at the hospital?

I think not.

Glad I could help move things along, turkeypants.

I think “Paul” would be a fitting name for my new nephew…

(And for the rest of you—don’t worry! I’ll post photos as soon as she delivers and I can get over there and get my hands on the little guy!)

One thought on “Controversial Blog Post Puts Woman into Labor!”

  1. LOL! That’s the power of politics, man! You know, there is a restaurant in Atlanta that is famous for helping pregnant women go into labor. They have pictures on the wall of all the babies that were born as a result of the moms eating their spicy food.

    Maybe, you’re on to something here! Spicy food and politics… A new calling, perhaps?

    Congratulations to your sister! I’ll send up a little prayer for a safe and healthy delivery!

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