Countdown to 40: T-Minus 44 Weeks

So, that’s it. I’ve officially thrown in the towel and succumbed to old age.

That’s right, people, the deed has been done and I feel that I must confess . . . I wore commuter sneakers today to work. Yep, I was professional from the ankles up, but from the ankles down, I was pure casual. White socks and tennis shoes. I just couldn’t take another day of my shin-splinting five block hike from my parking lot to the office, so I threw my flats in a bag, put on my Nikes and threw caution to the wind.

The problem is — I liked it. Sure, I looked like a buffoon, but I was a buffoon with a spring in my step.

But I’m afraid that now that I’ve crossed the line, it’s going to be a fast decline into total frump-hood. I’ll pick up a smart ruffled blouse with a bow around the neck here, and a nice pair of elastic-waist slacks there… And then “comfort” will begin to trump “style” in my daily wardrobe decision, and before you know it I’ll be showing up to work wearing a faux silk warm-up suit.

There’s just no turning back after that.

As my sister so sarcastically pointed out when I told her what I’d worn to and from work — at least I wasn’t also wearing a Walkman.




3 thoughts on “Countdown to 40: T-Minus 44 Weeks”

  1. How about a giant cell phone with a big antenna sticking up to go along with that getup? Then you’d at least look IMPORTANT while you’re looking frumpy. Google “Zack Morris cell phone pics” if you need some inspiration.

  2. I have never done that yet….I have thought about it once or twice, but have yet to do it! I would have killed for tennis shoes yesterday. I was at my agency’s office in the middle of San Francisco yesterday, they neglected to tell me that Obama would be staying at the hotel across the street so when it was time to leave all the roads were blocked off in all directions and I couldn’t get a cab back to my office, I had to walk 45 minutes! I was a sweaty mess when I arrived – ack!
    Andi´s last blog post ..J’adore 18

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