Crazy Iowa Weather

For those of you who aren’t from Iowa, you may not be familiar with our weather patterns. Basically, from about November to March (or April), we have this:

Then comes spring, where it rains, and snows again, and then once in a while gives us a clear, sunny day in the 70s that makes us remember why we live in this state.

But then comes our arch-enemy, humidity. Every year we think maybe he won’t return. Maybe he’ll just decide to stay wherever it is that he goes during the winter. We keep our fingers crossed as we admire our frizz-free hair in the mirror. But, not unlike herpes, humidity keeps showing back up, year after year.

And you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not the heat as much as the humidity”? If not, maybe that’s just something we Iowans use for small talk. But the thing is, it’s true. I’ve experienced Arizona heat. I’d take 110 degrees in Arizona any day over 80 degrees with 90 percent humidity in Iowa.

Humidity also brings with it severe weather. Thunderstorms, hail, and even tornadoes are commonplace occurrences here in the Heartland. While annoying and sometimes a little frightening, it can also be pretty amazing to watch the clouds gather and nature brew up a batch of whoop-ass. Here’s what I recorded yesterday with my recently acquired Flip camera. (I hope to add more videos to this poor neglected blog of mine in the future). Enjoy!

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