Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop — I’m not worthy!

Tomorrow morning I board a plane bound for that popular tropical resort destination, Dayton, Ohio, to attend the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop.

Erma Freakin’ Bombeck.

Now, mind you, I didn’t have to “qualify” to attend. I merely had to man my laptop on December 6, when tickets for this conference went on sale, and be one of the first couple hundred individuals to purchase a pass before the event sold out. Which it did.

And as I prop my eyelids open this morning and get ready to substitute teach in a fourth grade classroom while visions of dirty laundry and unpacked suitcases dance in my head, I begin to think, “Who am I to attend this elite writer’s conference?” Seriously?! What was I thinking?

Humor writers from all over the country will be there. They’ve published best-selling books, written for Saturday Night Live, contributed columns to national newspapers…

And then, there’s me.

I have a recurring nightmare that when I check in at registration tomorrow afternoon, they’re going to ask me for the secret humor writers’ handshake. I’ll try some lame fist bump and then “blow it up” at the end, and everyone will then know that I am a fraud. “She’s no humor writer!” “Kindly escort her to the door!”

So provided I don’t get outed and arrested by the humor writers’ police, I’ll let you know how it’s going…





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  1. Grandma of Boogers and Burps:

    You SO belong there!! Bet you have a marvelous time.


  2. Sara Broers:

    I can’t wait to read all about it!
    Sara Broers´s last [type] ..My 112th Wordless Wednesday Post


  3. Lee-Anne:

    I’ll bet that if there’s such a police out there, they are only there to humor everyone.
    Lee-Anne´s last [type] kings island tickets


  4. Megan:

    You are too funny. We love your stories and so will they. Have fun and we will see you when you get back…


    Paula Reply:

    @Megan, you are too sweet! And I missed you last week! See you next week!


  5. Tara Adams (@33tarakathleen):

    Well, girlfriend, at least you brought a business card, unlike SOME people (ehemm.) You ARE worthy. I enjoyed meeting you today. Stay in touch.


    Paula Reply:

    @Tara Adams (@33tarakathleen), but hey, I still will remember you without the business card, so you’re workin’ it! Thanks for commenting! I so enjoyed meeting you too!


  6. Chrissy Rudd:

    I annoy my husband because I laugh out loud every time I read your blog! It’s so worth it!
    Chrissy Rudd´s last [type] ..Countdown to our IMPENDING DOOM!!!


  7. Bernd:

    So how did it went? Were you arrested by the humor police?
    Bernd´s last [type] ..guitar lesson resources


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