Family Dinnertime—When the Magic Happens

Everywhere we parents turn, experts are heralding the magic of the “dinner hour” to reinforce healthy eating habits, strengthen family bonds, and even prevent substance abuse. Our government even has a Web page dedicated to the benefits of family mealtimes.

In our family, we do try to sit down and eat together, without the TV blaring or Nintendo DS on, as much as possible. And Husband and I do find that we learn more about the boys’ days when we’re eating together and chatting. However, sometimes there seems to be a bit too much sharing going on in the Boogers and Burps house. Take this evening as an example…

As the family was gathered around the “kitchen table” (more about that later), attempting to eat supper like a normal family, what should come up approximately 23 times but the word—diarrhea.

Granted, the word first joined us at the supper table when Boy #1 was “sharing” about his day. Several more instances occurred when the question was asked (by Boy #3), “What is diarrhea?”

And that’s when all hell broke loose. The “d” word was flying as the family, eager to help enrich the youngest male’s vocabulary, introduced various other appetizing phrases, such as “runny poop” and “when your butt throws up.”

Oh, and where was Husband in all of this?

Right in the middle of it.

Martha, if you’re reading this, understandably impressed, and would like to feature our family on an upcoming special on the lost art of dinnertime etiquette . . . have your people call my people. We’ll talk.

4 thoughts on “Family Dinnertime—When the Magic Happens”

  1. Our house, too. It's getting harder, now that the kids are more socially involved, but we still do family mealtime.

    On Fridays (Shabbat) you need a dispensation from the Pope to miss dinner.

  2. Fall down funny! I made hubby pause the TV so I could read this to him. But had a hard time reading w/o laughing out loud.

  3. Once again your post had me rolling in my chair and thankful I was not drinking soda which is very painful when you snort it through your nose!

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