Free Printable 2011 Calendars for a Happy New Year!

I love the prospect of starting a brand-spanking new year. It always makes me think that anything’s possible, at least until I wake up on January 2 and see that the house is still trashed, my kids are still talking back and instead of eating only fruits and veggies I’m already having Hostess Twinkies for breakfast. *Sigh* But until then, the sky’s the limit!

Part of the ritual of beginning a new year is pinning up a fresh calendar. Although there are some beautiful calendars for sale on etsy and in the bookstores, I’m counting on the kindness of strangers on the Interweb to furnish me with a new calendar for home, for work, and maybe even for my purse. The best part? These babies are free.

I am currently working on making my own planner calendar to carry with me in my purse and to work, and I’ll share that with you once I get it done. (And hopefully it’s before 2012.) But until then, I’ll share with you some of my favorite free printable calendars from the Web. I hope you can use them, too!

Year-At-A-Glance Calendars

Beautiful calendars using photos taken by the fabulous Amy from Living Locurto. Choose from roses or horses!

This 5×7 calendar can be printed out in a variety of bright colors. Thanks to Sprik Space!

I printed out a calendar from Mibo Studios last year and was thrilled to see a 2011 version! Gorgeous!

Red Stamp offers several fabulous printable 2011 calendars in different styles. And they’re free, too!

Monthly Calendars

Thanks to Switcheroom for this 2011 monthly calendar with great designs!

I was so excited to find this sweet printable calendar from Madabella! The size is just right to fit into a CD jewel case on a desktop, and the theme is “Love Notes, Signed God,” which is right up my alley.

CreativeMamma has a super cute Kawaii Mini Calendar available to print.

At Blog Guidebook, you can download and print this incredible calendar in vintage collage style. Me likey!

DIY Calendars

If you need simple mini calendar pages, print them off courtesy of Very Merry Vintage Style. And while you’re there, check out their tutorial on making your own crafty calendar.

I LOVE the Color-it-yourself and Doodle-it-yourself printable calendars from Lula Louise. These would be so fun to make! (And easy, too, which is always a plus.)

For a ton of calendar downloads, including ones where you can insert your own photos, check out HP Creative Studio.

Blogging Calendar

And if you’re a fellow blogger, you’ll want to grab and print this 2011 Weekly Blogging Calendar from Nicole on the Net. Perfect for planning your own blog posts, guest posts and goals. I definitely need this!

Good-bye 2010, and hello 2011! Happy New Year, friends!

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