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When Husband and I started dating, his family introduced me to one of the most amazing family pastimes—playing “get lost in the country.” Basically, it’s where you start driving out of town and then take turns saying “left,” “right,” or “straight” when you come to an intersection. The goal is to see just how lost you can get—and if you can find your way home! Now, remember, this was BEFORE cars and phones were equipped with GPS navigation systems. We had to rely on our wits and occasionally a map. The craziest time was when we followed a gravel road as it turned into a dirt road, then a dirt path, then grass with barely perceptible tire ruts, and suddenly we were in the middle of corn. I wrote about how to play this with your family on Iowa Moms if you’d like to read in more detail.

Tonight I took a little different approach to “get lost in the country” since a) it’s just me and two boys home tonight; b) it’s snowing AGAIN; and c) I had enough excitement taking Boys #2 and 3 to a very generous but unprepared Dairy Queen tonight, who was offering 50% off EVERYTHING for their anniversary. Instead I decided to play “get lost in the Interweb.” I’d start with a new blog I’d just started following, and I’d choose another blog from that person’s blogroll, and so on.

I started with Gussy’s blog. I had been drooling over Gussy’s bags on etsy for months, so you can imagine how excited I was to run into Gussy, AKA Maggie Whitley, herself, at BlissDom. I daresay she is as cute and sweet as her pouches!

I decided to click on Joy’s Hope next, and I was struck by the sad but beautiful photos of her broken dishes and her struggle to not grieve over her earthly goods. What a great lesson for all of us to remember!

From Joy’s Hope, I clicked on Just Something I Made. Uh, yeah, I could possibly be in full stalking mode by the end of the weekend. She seems to be just like me, or at least just like the “me” I want to be, you know, if I had any artistic aptitude. She collects vintage measuring tapes, for crying out loud! I just bought a vintage measuring tape at the Salvation Army, just because I had to have it! Of course, I had no idea what to  actually do with it, unlike Cathe. She even created a free download that you can print to create your own growth chart. I almost cried when I saw that. Then I saw that she was at BlissDom with me! Dang, she’s one awesome woman I did not get the chance to meet, but don’t think I’m not going to stalk her down look her up next year!

I next traveled to Mitzi’s Collectibles and felt my dormant creativity stirring when I read through her Crafts Projects. Seriously, I can do these! And the fact that they incorporate vintage and upcycled materials makes the projects even more up my alley. I’ve always been drawn to things from the past, especially if they have some family meaning behind them. Even though I really have zero spare time, I may have to carve out some to try one or ten of these. (I mean, really, who needs to work, right? Paychecks are for sissies.)

A site that Mitzi lists in her “Places I Like to Visit” section is A Beautiful Mess. Well, of course I had to see what that was all about because I can identify with it (Well, at least the “Mess” part). After seeing a photo of Elsie Flannigan, however, I will go on the record to say that she definitely can pull off the “beautiful” part as well. Her blog is fun to read through, although her style is a bit more kitschy than my style. If only I were about 10 years younger, I think I could possibly pull it off. She also created, a handmade art store, where I spied an underwear necklace that called my name.

Scrolling down Elsie’s sidebar, I saw a button with the name All-Mighty—and cute little Boston Terriers on it. Of course, I HAD to click on that. If you don’t already know, my first baby was a Boston Terrier named Larry. I had to put him to sleep two years ago, when he was 11, and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But I know he’s prancing next to Jesus now and we’ll all be reunited one day. So needless to say, my family loves all-things Boston Terrier, although we prefer to refer to them as “Larry dogs.” When I clicked on the All-Mighty link, I was overcome with the cuteness of what I saw. The shop is actually called “All-Mighty—For the love of Boston Terriers and all things cute!” Seriously, I can barely make myself look because it’s all so stinkin’ adorable that it kind of makes my heart ache. Stuffed Larry dogs. Larry dog tote bags. T-shirts with Batman Larry dog on them. And the most adorable artistic representations of the Larry dogs. Warning: If you haven’t already had a Boston Terrier, you will be compelled to immediately Google “Boston Terrier breeders” after visiting this site. (But that’s a good thing. They really are the sweetest things. The dogs, not the breeders. Although I’m sure some of the breeders are very sweet as well.)

And because my mind is now full of Larry memories, I am going to conclude my travels for tonight and go to sleep counting Bostons jump the fence (which coincidentally, Larry did every chance he got). It’s been fun getting lost in the Interweb. I’ve definitely found some places that I will be frequenting, and I didn’t even end up in the middle of a cornfield.

What about you? Do you ever play Get Lost in the Interweb? What places have you discovered?

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