Halloween, ninjas and Cloris Leachman

Happy Halloween! Well, if you’re weird like us Central Iowans, you celebrated tonight with trick-or-treating. (We do “Beggar’s Night,” which is never actually on Halloween. Yeah, I know. Weird.)

Boys #2 and #3 were ninjas, and Boy #1 just hung out as his friend’s house and played video games. (Which I was really okay with.) It was a beautiful evening. High of 70 today with little wind. The boys didn’t even have to wear coats over their ninja costumes! In fact, this afternoon Boy #3 went outside in a sleeveless shirt and shorts and flew his Bakugan kite. Not many Halloweens here in Iowa that we can do that!

I don’t have photos uploaded yet, and I’m just too lazy to do it right now. (Possibly due to the sugar coma I think I’m experiencing. I was the one who handed out candy this year, and it went something like this: One for Batman, one for me. One for Mary Poppins, one for me. One for the little boy whose head looks like it’s split open with his brain exposed, one for me.)

So instead of photos, I have a clip for you from my new second-favorite TV show (after 30 Rock, of course). Please tell me you’ve seen Raising Hope. If you haven’t, go to Hulu right now and watch every episode. It’s hysterical but also smart and sweet. And I think that Cloris Leachman is now giving Tina Fey some serious competition to be my BFF. Is it weird that I daydream about having a slumber party with Tina and Cloris where we eat Funyuns and graham cracker-chocolate frosting sandwiches while we make prank phone calls and giggle until we finally fall asleep during a marathon viewing of “The Facts of Life”?


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