Handmade Christmas Cards—That YOU Don’t Have to Make!

Now that Halloween’s over and all the election hoopla has waned a bit, it’s time to turn our thoughts toward Christmas! Can you believe it? Well, even if you’re like us Iowans and have been enjoying 70+-degree weather, the truth is, Christmas will be here before we know it.

EVERY YEAR we say that THIS is the year we’re going to get organized, right? No waiting until the last minute gift-buying frenzy. The gifts will all be purchased, wrapped, and under the tree BY December 15. And the Christmas cards? They’ll be ready to pop in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. Riiiiiight.

What if I told you I could make your job a bit easier this year? Intrigued?

My dear friend Emily and her friend Amy have started a business called 2design4you. Their first adventure? Handmade Christmas cards. Here are a few of my favorite designs.

I love that these are beautiful handmade cards, designed by REAL graphic designers. These cards will be ones that will be placed on the mantel or even mounted in a frame to be enjoyed long after this Christmas season passes. They will immediately distinguish themselves from the other cards in the basket and will give your friends and family a feeling of joy every time they look at them.

The price is very reasonable as well, at $16 for a set of 10 cards and envelopes bundled neatly with a ribbon. If you live in the Des Moines area, you could even get them delivered to your doorstep for free!

To receive a full-color flyer that shows all the designs, as well as the numerous greetings choices and order form, contact 2 design 4 you. I encourage you to go “handmade” as much as possible this Christmas, and I know you will not be disappointed with these handmade cards by Emily and Amy.

Hurry, though! Order by November 20 for guaranteed delivery by December 5! Hey, maybe for once I’ll get my Christmas cards sent out before Valentine’s Day!

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