Happy (Snowy) Valentine’s Day

The snow is falling once again. And despite the fact that we’ve seen in excess of 50 inches of snow since the first of December, it really is beautiful this morning. Big, fluffy flakes dancing in the sky before blending in with the mounds already covering the ground.

Some flakes almost make it to the ground before, perhaps caught in a draft, they shoot back up for one last chance to twirl, spin, and fly.

As I watch the snowflakes pour from the heavens, bobbing and weaving, circling and do-se-do’ing, I am struck with the scientific fact that no two snowflakes are alike. And as much snow as I’ve seen in my nearly 38 years of living in the Midwest, and as much snow as I’ve shoveled this winter alone, and as much snow as I see accumulating on the drifts on my porch this very morning—I cannot fathom that so many different combinations exist of these white flakes whose only ingredient is water.

And it makes me think about how else I can find beauty and awe in the everyday.

Like the clean smell of the boys freshly showered (Did I say “everyday?” Yeah...).

Or the sound of “I love you, Mommy!” as I walk into my room and see the covers stripped off my bed, which has transformed into a wrestling mat.

Or the rare brush of my middle-schooler’s lips on my cheek  before I leave for 5 days.

Or the look on my second-grader’s face as he shows me a card trick and I feign surprise, even though I’ve now seen it 37 times.

Or the flush of my husband’s cheeks after he comes inside after shoveling the end of the driveway so we don’t get stuck trying to pull the car in (AGAIN).

Or the wag of my dog’s tail when he sees me enter the house, his eyes begging the question, “Toy? Toy? Wanna throw my toy?

Or that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Or the crinkle of the pages of my Quest Study Bible as I turn each hallowed page.

Although I may become weary of snow, I am reminded of the wonders of creation if I stop seeing the piles that have been pushed along the curbs by the snow plow and zoom in on the magic and unique composition of each individual flake. And even though lately I seem to tire easily of the challenges of the daily grind, I am refreshed when I can focus on the magic of each moment I’m given with this family of mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

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