Help Rebuild a School…And Get Stains out of Your Clothes!

There are companies out there that are just out to make a buck. Product quality and the consumers’ needs rank well below a fat profit margin.

And then there are companies who create products that do what they claim to do, reflect the needs of real-life consumers, and make it possible for us to not sacrifice effectiveness for affordability. These are the companies and products that we see on the store shelves year after year after year. They have stood the test of time and every latest, greatest product fad.

Henkel is one such company. Never heard of them? Well, if you’ve ever washed your hands with Dial soap, squirted some Zout on that ketchup stain on your son’s T-shirt and then poured Purex into the washer, sprayed Combat to get rid of some unwanted houseguests (no, not your in-laws), squirted some Soft Scrub into a nasty kitchen sink, or rubbed Soft & Dri on your armpits, you’ve supported the Henkel Company!

But Henkel goes even further than just giving us products that really work without breaking our budget, they also are committed to helping the community at large. In fact, social responsibility is part of their corporate key mission, with their special focus being helping children. Each year they give $1 million just for employee volunteer projects that help children all over the world!

Henkel Helps Schools is another way they’re lending a hand to children and schools. Right now they’re having a contest with a prize of $25,000 being donated to one needy school.

Aplington-Parkersburg High School in Parkersburg, Iowa is one of the finalists. You’ve probably read about it in the news. In May, one-third of the town of Parkersburg was completely destroyed by an F-5 tornado. The high school was leveled. Students not only lost their school, but in many cases, their homes and loved ones as well.

My dad grew up near this area, and my aunt and uncle still live in neighboring Aplington. They were fortunate enough to not be in the path of the tornado, but they still have both friends and family who lost everything.

I encourage you to visit the Henkel Helps Schools site and to vote for Aplington-Parkersburg High School. All you have to do is type your email address. That’s it! It’s amazing how the town has banded together to rebuild, and this money would be a huge boost for the school district and entire community.

I also encourage you to remember how generous Henkel is when you are standing in Target, wondering which hand soap to buy…

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