Help Shine a Light on a Deserving Small Business

I met Jennic Law of KangarooBoo last spring when she donated tote bags for our Mom’s Nite Out event. My first impression of her was that she was generous, genuine, and kind. Since then I have gotten to know her more and I realize that my first impression was dead on. And the kicker? Her husband is just as great!

This summer KangarooBoo added a brick-and-mortar storefront to their online store. During their grand opening, they gave my curious boys a tour of the warehouse and their back office. Boy #3 was amazed—”They even have a kitchen back here!” Their two little ones entertained my boys and must’ve made a big impression because nearly every day Boy #3 asks me, “Can we go to KangarooBoo?”

Yesterday I learned that Jennic and Justin were nominated for the Shine a Light award from American Express. They need 50 votes to move on to the next round, and I’d love it if you could help! You can click here to learn more about the award and read their short bio. Jennic’s story is amazing—and the awesome thing is that Jennic passes her blessings on to others by donating proceeds from every sale to a charity of the customer’s choice. They believe in family and community, and they are wonderful role models of what a small business should be.

After you vote for KangarooBoo, make sure to check out and bookmark it for Christmas shopping! They sell toys that are safe, eco-friendly, and unique. Toys that kids will play with year after year instead of losing interest in after the first time the batteries die.

Here are some of my favorites!

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