HOT: 3 days to save 20% on the best Christmas gifts!

I love, love, love KangarooBoo. I know I’ve told you before, and I’m sure I’ll tell you again. I plan on doing much of my Christmas shopping for kiddos there; everything I get there is always a hit!

KangarooBoo is celebrating their 3rd birthday, and now through Monday, November 1, you can get 20% off all regular-priced merchandise online with the code BIGTHREE or in their store in West Des Moines. This is an AMAZING opportunity to pick up some awesome Christmas gifts for the kids on your list!

I’ll share just a few things that we’ve loved…

The Goodbyn Lunchbox is probably THE coolest lunchbox I’ve ever seen. It’s a little tricky to get the hang of how to properly close it (There are directions included), but once you figure it out, it’s a piece of a cake (which, by the way, you could put in your lunchbox without worrying about it getting smashed by all the other food). And the kids’ favorite part has to be all the super-cool stickers that come with the lunchbox. They’re even repositionable AND can withstand the dishwasher, along with the entire lunchbox!

I got What Makes the Wind Blow book, along with another Little Pirate book for Boy #3 for his 6th birthday, and he LOVES them. The combination of illustration and real images make it appealing to kids on several levels. They find the story entertaining yet also absorb all the cool information they learn as well. These are really interactive books, which are especially great for boys.

Boy #3 got the In the Hot, Hot Sun book for his birthday, too, and I was so impressed with how long it kept his attention! This is perfect for kids who are just beginning to read and write. First, they read the story. Then they “write it” by filling in the correct words during a retelling. And finally they get to “draw it” and use stickers to recall the content again. I already have several more of these books in my shopping cart for Christmas!

I picked up one of these Autoseal Kids Trekker Cupseach for Boy #2 and #3, and I’m sold on them. At 6 and 8, they are too old for sippy cups, but they are extremely careless and clumsy when it comes to eating and drinking. These are perfect because the boys have to push in on the button to take a drink, which is easy enough to do, but if they drop it on the ground it will not spill. Great for car rides or to take with us to ball games or doctor’s visits. Like a water bottle but NON-SPILL. They also sell insulated ones for cold or hot beverages.

When I went to KangarooBoo to look for gifts for Boy #3’s birthday, Jennic, the owner and an incredible person, highly recommended this game, Spot It. She said that it is the number-one game that her kids beg to play and that she and her husband actually like to play it too. I couldn’t believe how much Boy #3 loves it too! It’s really a simple game, although it comes with several variations to add challenges, but it’s super fun and actually kind of addicting! I love it, too, because it’s a game I can throw in my purse and we can play anywhere because it’s small and doesn’t have a lot of pieces.

There is so much more on the KangarooBoo website and in their storefront. I encourage you to carve out a few minutes this weekend to just browse and see what they have. Sales like this do not come around often (in fact, I’ve never seen a store-wide sale there before), so take advantage while you can!

A couple other notes about KangarooBoo: They donate a portion of every sale to a children’s charity. You can find more about the program online. They really are a generous and kind family.

You can read an article about Jennic that appeared in our local Moms Like Me newspaper this month here. She has lived one amazing life!

I also want to make sure I disclose that I am in an affiliate program with KangarooBoo and make a small commission off any sales that come through my blog. Whether that makes you more or less eager to shop there, at least you know… (And hopefully you also know that I only work with companies that I feel confident standing behind. I would never take advantage of my readers or compromise the trust I’ve earned from you!)

With all that being said…happy shopping!

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