How to Play Honyock I-Spy

Have you ever looked around your someone else’s house and saw something that was, well, honyock? Maybe it was a pair of dirty underwear that’s been tossed onto the kitchen table…or a nut cup on the mantel…or even a melted/refrozen/melted Dairy Queen ice cream cake in its plastic container that’s been lying under the deck for three months… (You don’t even want to know.)

Instead of denying that you live like a honyock (or at least have brief moments of honyockiness), why not embrace it and even (dare I say) have fun with it? After all, nobody’s perfect (and some of us are far less perfect than others)!

So I’ve created a little game I call “Honyock I-Spy.” It’s really very simple. Just post a picture of something in your house that you consider to be a bit “honyock.” Then title your post “I Spy [Description of your honyock representation]” and sign Mr. Linky below. You can also grab my Honyock I-Spy button above and add it to your post. Then visit other people’s sites to play the “Honyock I-Spy” game, and feel better knowing that you’re not alone!

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