I Got Nothin’

What to write about?
What to write about?

This morning it seems I’m having a hard time coming up with a topic.

Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been up since 4:45 when I videotaped Boy #3 snoring so we could take it with us to his ENT appointment on Friday. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling guilty because I got up at 4:45 and I STILL “didn’t have time” to exercise. Maybe it’s the bottle of tequila I drank before bed last night. JUST KIDDING! Caught you off guard there, didn’t I?

It’s not like there’s nothing on my mind. Believe me, there’s ALWAYS puh-lenty on my mind. (Hence, my “happy pills.”) Let’s see…here’s just a smattering of what’s going through this noggin right now.

I really need to pick up this living room.
I really need to throw in a load of laundry before work.
Is that pee I smell coming from the dog’s kennel?
These walls need painted SO BADLY.
I cannot forget to send in the kids’ camp forms today.
Do I have any clean underwear?
I hope Boy #2’s finger isn’t still oozing infection today.
I’m a really bad mom for not noticing Boy #2’s finger until it was oozing infection.
Someone needs to mow the lawn today.
I cannot forget that Boy #3 and I have Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight.
What am I going to wear to Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
Am I going to have to do a backbend or something at Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
Are any of the other moms going to have cellulite spilling out of their shorts at Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
I soooo need to start exercising.
I really need someone to run with again.
I really need to find some FRIENDS so I can find someone to run with again.
Why is it so hard for me to make close friends?
Does my breath stink?
Crap. It’s 6:02. I’ve gotta get ready for work.
All I want to do is blog.
Will I ever be able to make money doing this blog thing?
Ooh. I just mentioned money.
Will we EVER get out of debt?
I wonder what we’re doing wrong that we can’t seem to ever get ahead…
Hey, has the new iPhone come out yet?
I love Apple.
I hate anything PC.
I don’t hate anything Politically Correct, just Personal Computer.
Well, I hate some Politically Correct things.
Crap. It’s 6:08. I REALLY need to get in the shower.
I wonder why I am such a procrastinator.
Oh, well, I’ll think about that later.
I hope Boy #1 cleans his room today.
I bet myself $100 that Boy #1 does NOT clean his room today.
Okay, 6:11. I’m going to be late picking up the baby-sitter.
Now it’s 6:14. I just sat here for 3 minutes and did nothing.
Seriously, what is the deal with me?
Why do I obsess about my writing to the point that I’ll give up washing my hair in order to craft the perfect sentence before work?
Crap. Boy #3 is up. Now he’s screaming “MOOOOOM!”
I really need to go upstairs now.
Be a good mom, Paula, be a good mom.

Bet you’re wishing I’d had something to write about, huh?

3 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’”

  1. OK, we should definately meet. I would say that my girls can equal out your boys, but I’m not so sure.

    But, hinestly, we have much in common. I spend way too much time on my computer attempting to make a semblance of an income, my house is rarely clean, we “tumble” too (Triad?), I don’t run but I do try to walk every morning with the dog, I don’t seem to make close friends well, either, we’re “doing Dave” and can see a light at the end of our debt tunnel (even thought it’s a pin prick right now), oh, and I’m from Creston and residing in Ankeny.

    Much in common… Probably nothing to talk about…

  2. oh pjmomof3…i can SO RELATE. haven’t been on the happy pills in a while, but been reconsidering that. house is a mess and i don’t want to clean it. i’d love hang out and be your friend, but am afraid i’d have nothing to offer you, as my fat butt doesn’t believe in running unless i’m being chased with a knife…so…

    hope you had a good day at work…maybe a distraction for the day?

  3. How I can relate!! I would much rahter be online than clean…the house or anything else really. I don’t have many girlfriends, but love the ones I have. They all live to far away to walk with me, so I am there with my tunes.

    Congrats on your giftcard!!

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