I Got Nothin’

What to write about?
What to write about?

This morning it seems I’m having a hard time coming up with a topic.

Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been up since 4:45 when I videotaped Boy #3 snoring so we could take it with us to his ENT appointment on Friday. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling guilty because I got up at 4:45 and I STILL “didn’t have time” to exercise. Maybe it’s the bottle of tequila I drank before bed last night. JUST KIDDING! Caught you off guard there, didn’t I?

It’s not like there’s nothing on my mind. Believe me, there’s ALWAYS puh-lenty on my mind. (Hence, my “happy pills.”) Let’s see…here’s just a smattering of what’s going through this noggin right now.

I really need to pick up this living room.
I really need to throw in a load of laundry before work.
Is that pee I smell coming from the dog’s kennel?
These walls need painted SO BADLY.
I cannot forget to send in the kids’ camp forms today.
Do I have any clean underwear?
I hope Boy #2’s finger isn’t still oozing infection today.
I’m a really bad mom for not noticing Boy #2’s finger until it was oozing infection.
Someone needs to mow the lawn today.
I cannot forget that Boy #3 and I have Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight.
What am I going to wear to Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
Am I going to have to do a backbend or something at Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
Are any of the other moms going to have cellulite spilling out of their shorts at Mom and Tots Tumbling tonight?
I soooo need to start exercising.
I really need someone to run with again.
I really need to find some FRIENDS so I can find someone to run with again.
Why is it so hard for me to make close friends?
Does my breath stink?
Crap. It’s 6:02. I’ve gotta get ready for work.
All I want to do is blog.
Will I ever be able to make money doing this blog thing?
Ooh. I just mentioned money.
Will we EVER get out of debt?
I wonder what we’re doing wrong that we can’t seem to ever get ahead…
Hey, has the new iPhone come out yet?
I love Apple.
I hate anything PC.
I don’t hate anything Politically Correct, just Personal Computer.
Well, I hate some Politically Correct things.
Crap. It’s 6:08. I REALLY need to get in the shower.
I wonder why I am such a procrastinator.
Oh, well, I’ll think about that later.
I hope Boy #1 cleans his room today.
I bet myself $100 that Boy #1 does NOT clean his room today.
Okay, 6:11. I’m going to be late picking up the baby-sitter.
Now it’s 6:14. I just sat here for 3 minutes and did nothing.
Seriously, what is the deal with me?
Why do I obsess about my writing to the point that I’ll give up washing my hair in order to craft the perfect sentence before work?
Crap. Boy #3 is up. Now he’s screaming “MOOOOOM!”
I really need to go upstairs now.
Be a good mom, Paula, be a good mom.

Bet you’re wishing I’d had something to write about, huh?


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