I Love Not Knowing Where I’ll End Up!

That’s why I’m excited to be participating in Pay It Forward Friday, hosted by the ever-inspiring and beautiful supermom, An Iowa Mom! (Yeah, she has FOUR kids and still manages to keep it all together!)

So here’s what I did. First, I picked a blog from my blogroll (which I realized I really need to update, by the way!), and my blog of the week was An Unpink Life! Gina has girls, and I have boys, so I like to keep up with her to see how “the other side” lives. Gina has a lovely family, and she takes awesome photos that I try to emulate with my kids because they’re not always the “Say cheese” ultra-posed shots that don’t end up looking like anything remotely related to your kid’s real self. She always has such a positive outlook and is full of inspiration. I also am loving her new look, which also makes me realize that I soooo need to have a new look for my blog. Heck, just ANY look would be better than the boring template that I am STILL using. (Suggestions, anyone?)

So after commenting on An Unpink Life, I strolled down to her blogroll and clicked on How About Orange? Sounded intriguing, and I was not disappointed! There’s gotta be something special about someone so dedicated to a color that she would develop a whole blog around it! I found some great DIY ideas (some I think even I could do), links to other interesting sites, and then, on her blogroll, my third visit of the morning…

Angry Chicken. Yeah, I had to go there. I have a thing with chickens, which originated during a Brainstorming Session Gone Wild (Say it in your best “Girls Gone Wild!” voice…) session at my last job and ended with chickens wearing helmets. Did I mention that this was for a marketing piece for an insurance company? Anyway, I digress…So I was drawn in not only by the mention of a chicken, but an angry chicken at that. Her latest post was a recipe for tomato soup, which, although I don’t think I like tomato soup, actually looked really appetizing. She also has wonderful sewing designs and links, as well as other “designy” and “crafty” posts. Apparently she also has published a book entitled “Bend-the-Rules Sewing,” which is about the only kind of sewing I can handle!

I hope you visit my links and find lots of fun weekend reading–and maybe a little creative inspiration! (God knows you won’t get that from reading ME!)

Happy Forwarding!

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