I Need One More Thing To Do…

It’s true. I need something else in my life to make use of some free time.

You know, the laundry’s done, kitchen’s clean, and bathrooms are sanitized.

The checkbook’s been balanced and all bills paid.

I’m completely caught up on the kids’ scrapbooks. Yup. Just scrapped those photos I took this morning…

I’ve read all 372 books that had been sitting on my bookshelves, waiting patiently to be read—some for 13+ years…

Oh, and that other business I have—the scrapbooking one—yeah, I’ve been working it…got parties booked and orders taken. All that inventory sitting in my basement? Gone.

So you see why I’m bored and need just ONE. MORE. THING.

(And if you believed all that, shame on you! You obviously haven’t been reading my blog very religiously!)

Regardless (and partly because I thrive on stress), I decided that just ONE blog was not enough for me. Nosiree, Bob. So I’d like to introduce you to my new companion blog to Boogers and Burps—Get It. Got It. Goods.

Why set up another blog, you may ask? Well, I wanted to set up a separate site that I can write about products I love, great gift ideas, must-enter contests, and thriftilicious finds so I could concentrate on posting about my life as a crazy mom swimming in a sea of testosterone in THIS blog.

Just as there is much I need to do on THIS blog, Get It. Got It. Goods is also a “work in progress.” Bear with me as I add links and other elements and really get it up and going.

My first post is about an adorable T-shirt I bought for Boy #3’s recent birthday. Check it out and let me know what you think! (I promise prizes soon!)

Thanks, loyal Interweb friends. You are the wind beneath my bloggy wings!


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