I_Blog . . . Do U?

What are you doing November 14–15? Did you say, “Attending the inaugural I_Blog conference at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa“? That’s what I thought you said!

You know my friend, Jody, the one I attended Blissdom 09 with, the one I’m attending the Type-A Mom Conference with next week (eek!), the one who coordinated and hosted my kickin’ garage sale? Well, apparently she doesn’t have enough to do, so she’s taken it upon herself to organize the first ever Iowa blogging conference!

Here’s what Jody says about why she decided to spearhead this event:

I_Blog came about as I was pondering why Iowa had no blog conferences. While I’ll admit it is not a destination there are so many wonderful places within the state. With that simple thought, coupled with building a community of Midwest bloggers, I_Blog was born. While I don’t envision I_Blog becoming a big conference I do want it to be a gathering for Midwest bloggers to learn and have fun- with an emphasis on the fun.

The I_Blog conference will be held on Nov. 14–15 at the historic Hotel Pattee, which is AMAZING! The cost is $75, plus $99 for a room (half if you get a roomie). The registration includes several meals and great speakers. It’s going to be a super-fun weekend of meeting new people, learning more about social networking, and relaxing!

So whether you currently have a blog or are just thinking about getting into social networking someday, register for I_Blog and mark it on your calendar. I’d love to see you there!

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