I’m a Travel Mama!

When Colleen Lanin, a writer and now friend I met at the Type-A Mom Conference, asked if I’d write a guest post for her fabulous site travelmamas.com, I was first flattered. And then flabbergasted.

Because where the heck do I travel to? Baseball games? Check. Doctor appointments? All too much. But someplace that other people would want to visit? Umm… it’s been a while. A long while.

But I really wanted to contribute to Colleen’s site, so I decided to promote the place I know best—my own Des Moines, Iowa. Really, our “vacations” have consisted of day trips to nearby attractions or an overnight at a local hotel for the past several years.

Because, you know, being a teacher and/or part-time editor doesn’t exactly make you rich.

So please hop on over to Travel Mamas and see what I had to say about the lure of  Des Moines, and while you’re there, check out all of Colleen’s other great content. She’s a fantastic source for family travel!

Colleen with her two kiddos on a trip to the Alamo
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