Isn’t It Heartwarming When Kids Understand the TRUE Meaning of Christmas?

Apparently, I wouldn’t know…

I was trying to help Boy #3 (yes, this is about HIM again) find some coloring pages to print off from the Internets. You know, Christmas ones. We had candy canes and a snowman and a Santa Claus, and then we came across a nice coloring page of the Nativity Scene.

“How about this one?” I asked. “It shows Baby Jesus in the manger.”

And before I could barely get the “er” in “manger” out, he snapped back with this reply:

“No! I don’t want to do ANY GOD FINGS (“things”)!!!”

Yup, that’s my little Christmas angel…

2 thoughts on “Isn’t It Heartwarming When Kids Understand the TRUE Meaning of Christmas?”

  1. tooo funny. . . poor kiddo.
    If you’re still looking, a friend of mine has some great ones on a free website –
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. bless his little heart. even as adults, it’s hard to remember sometimes, ya know. that’s going to be my resolution next year…to make sure i appreciate what and who i have, and make sure the people i appreciate know it.

    i hope you all have a wonderful holiday and everyone is healthy and safe.

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