It’s Blissdom, Baby!

get-your-bliss-on BadgesI’m coming to you live from Nashville. Yup, as in Tennessee. I hear they like country music around here…but no, I’m not going to Opryland. In fact, I’ll probably just see The Hotel Preston and the airport this weekend. But that’s okay by me because I am having a FABULOUS time at Blissdom ’09! Imagine, me and 299 other women who are just as geeky—or even geekier—than me! It’s a hoot!

I’m rooming with my friend in Bloggyville AND In Real Life, Jody. She’s still downstairs at the pajama party, eating pizza and watching Mama Mia on the big screen. (And I mean BIG! The screen has got to be about 50 feet wide!) I, on the other hand, hit the wall (due to the fact that I got about 2 1/2 hours sleep last night) and am now lying in THE most comfortable bed with about 6 poofy pillows, writing to you and trying really hard not to stare at this black and white photo of Hank Williams being pawed by several ladies who are wearing nothing but tiny lace maid aprons (Their arms are strategically covering their ta-tas, but still…). This is a pretty cool and funky hotel, but I’m not digging the artwork in this room. Makes me feel like I should be paying by the hour!

But other than being terrorized by naked ladies in my room, I’m loving it here. I’ve met some wonderful women—some bloggers who are new to me, some bloggy celebs! I chatted with Jessica (Jessica Knows) on the airport shuttle, met Andi at lunch, and made small-talk with Amy as we exited the restroom—not realizing she was a featured panelist at the next session!

I’m learning so much and just trying to soak it all in. And I’m just amazed at how awesome we women are! Oh, AND I’m snarfing down the free Little Debbies snack cakes by the handfuls! (Little Debbies is one of the sponsors.) Yeah, hello—free stuff! In our super-cute pink Lands’ End bag we received at registration was a boatload of swag, including a $50 Crocs gift certificate! I’m thinking the boys may fight me for that one…

Tomorrow will be a full day of bloggy paradise—can’t wait! Better get some rest. That is, if the damn Hank Williams picture will just LET ME BE!


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