It’s Thanksgiving!

Well, dear friends, it’s Thanksgiving morning, we’re leaving for my aunt and uncle’s house in T-minus 3 hours, and what have I done to get ready? Squat! (But did you expect anything more?)

Yesterday, I was home with Boy #3, as we shared some alone time and fevers. I attempted to get some things done but kept having to take a few minutes to collapse on the bed. My goal is to get the house completely cleaned up before we put up any Christmas decorations this weekend. Yeah, I have a feeling we won’t get the tree up until Valentine’s Day—if we’re lucky! I’m hoping, though, that we’ll be able to put on a little Christmas music (Johnny Mathis, of course!) and get some serious work done tomorrow. Hopefully we won’t get distracted like we did last night…Yes, the dishwasher needed to be unloaded AND loaded, I had a salad (Apple Cole Slaw) and some Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats that needed to be made for our family feast today, there was laundry calling my name, and of course, the entire house needed to be PICKED UP…and what did we do instead?

Watched West Side Story—what else? Husband was flipping through the channels at 7:00 and saw that it was just starting on the Classic Movies channel. Now, having taught Romeo and Juliet to 9th graders, I love West Side Story, and I always ended our unit with showing this film version of the musical so the kids could identify the connections. And Husband and I saw a stage production of the musical in college that was fabulous. So we decided the boyz needed some cultural schoolin’—and we made them watch it with us. Boy #2 liked all the snapping by the Jets and the Sharks. Boy #1 said that he liked the movie “except for all the singing.” Husband enjoyed singing “I Feel Pretty” at the top of his lungs (the glass of wine he was drinking helped, I think), and I just had fun taking it all in. After it was over, I told the boys, “Now you can say that you’ve seen one of the greatest musicals ever made!” Not sure they gave a rip about that one. But the fact that they actually sat through the entire movie (which was nearly 3 hours long) told me that they really did like it–at least a little.

After the movie, I read to the boys and fell asleep with Boy #3, while my dishwasher sat downstairs, still loaded with clean dishes, the dirty dishes overflowing in the sink, a load of laundry sitting in the washer, ready to be switched, and my ingredients patiently waiting to be transformed into Thanksgiving goodies.

And now it’s nearly 8:00 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.

I just hope that this Thanksgiving isn’t like the LAST Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house (two years ago). Husband stayed home with Boy #1, who was sick. I took Boys #2 and #3, who both seemed fine at the time. Then, without warning, in the early afternoon, Boy #2 ran in from playing outside with his cousins and projectile vomited all over my aunt and uncle’s family room. Nothing brightens up a Thanksgiving get-together like the aroma of fresh puke!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving—filled with lots of good eats, wonderful conversation, a mid-afternoon catnap, and no vomiting.

I am so thankful for all of my fabulous friends I have met over the Internets. You have blessed me more than you’ll ever know!

Now, bring on the turkey!


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