It’s the Big 7-0 for Dad!

A quick Happy Birthday to my dad (who doesn’t read this but will hopefully hear about it from my mom) who is 70 years young today! He doesn’t look like what I used to think “70” should look like. He’s still obsessive hardworking (Case in point: painting the shed in extreme summer temps until he developed heat stroke!) and passionate (“We will not discuss politics. We will not discuss politics…”) and loves to have fun with his grandkids. Even though he WISHES he were down in sunny Arizona right now like he usually is at this time, we’re glad he’s here in Iowa.

It seems like so long ago since he taught me to “drive” the big tractor with a hay rack in back… The curse words were flying that day as I took a turn too sharply, caught the rack on the back tractor tire, and caused bales of hay to slide off the rack. No matter that I was only 13 and had no clue how to drive a lawnmower, let alone a big John Deere tractor! But there’s no blaming Dad. With three girls and no boys, it made finding good “farmhands” a bit difficult at times for this farmer! I do think, though, listening to us whine and cry for an entire morning while we “walked beans” in the Iowa humidity was the last straw for him. I don’t recall him asking for help much after that.

But he loves us despite our lack of agricultural talent. And he supported us in every aspect of our lives. And now “Grandpa Bub” is able to sit back and enjoy life, which he so deserves.

So happy birthday, Dad! May we be able to celebrate many, many more!

7 thoughts on “It’s the Big 7-0 for Dad!”

  1. Okay … take a look at the group picture. Dad and the boy in blue are both eying the lone piece of the good stuff … I couldn’t help but think for them … “Take the damn picture and if anyone touches their fork before I get that yummy treat in my mouth, there will be hell to pay.”

    I hope the birthday boy got it. Nothing against blue boy … I’m just sayin’.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks for your tribute to your Dad. He enjoyed it and was a little misty eyed..and had that goofy smile on his face.
    We have been so blessed…who could have better kids or cuter, smarter and more loving grandkids?
    And thank you to our wonderful girls for Saturday.
    God bless you all…even that vacuum-attacking dog!
    Have a peachy day.
    PS: Does everyone else have to type in the word verification just to get your comment published? I do notice the handicapped symbol beside it…maybe that explains it.

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