Just a Snippet of My Day

I suspect that some of you are a liiiiitle bit skeptical about some of my posts.

“Come on,” you say. “Her life cannot REALLY be like that. I mean, it can’t be that crazy ALL THE TIME.”

Oh, can it not?

Shall I prove it to you?

Exhibit A: A random 30-minute snippet of my day-with-kids-(and-dog).

And the clock starts…NOW.


5:31 I take the dog outside in an attempt to quell the eardrum-stabbing noise.

5:32 I throw the dog his squeakyfrog and watch him run until he jerks himself backwards because he’s at the end of his tie-out cable. (And he’s SUPPOSEDLY a smart dog.)

5:35 I see my new-ish neighbor and decide to be sociable and initiate a chat at the fence. We talk about our dogs, including how CUTE she thinks our dog is (HA), and how one of her dogs likes people and not dogs, and the other likes dogs and not people. We chit. We chat. We hit it off. I’m getting kind of excited thinking, “Wow–maybe she wants to be my friend!” and “I’m actually not coming off like too much of a honyock!”

5:36 Boys #2 and 3 appear around the corner of the house. Boy #3 is not wearing any pants.

5:37 I talk fast, still trying to make a good impression, my eyes all the while darting nervously at Super Belching Boy and the Pantless Wonder.

5:38 Boys #2 and 3 approach me at the fence. I notice that not only is Boy #3 just wearing a hand-me-down garage sale Spider-Man t-shirt that’s nearly too small and a pair of training-pants undies, he also has green snot completely running down his face.

Did I mention that this neighbor does not have children?

5:39 Being the good mom I am, I tell Boy #2 that, yes, he can play the computer IF he has really cleaned up the living room like I asked. I’m sure my neighbor thought he was going to play some educational computer game like Carl the Camel Conquers Calculus. I’m pretty sure he went inside and played World of Warcraft.

5:40 My neighbor, being the kind person she is, tries to make conversation with Boy #3, who is now sticking his finger in the snotty goodness. I pick him up, trying to be all like, “Aren’t my kids cute?” but then realized that his cute face was even more icky-looking up close.

5:41 Boy #3 runs off to play with (*cough* torture!) the dog again.

5:42 The blinds in the family room are thrown aside in a clumsy, crushing movement, and Boy #2 appears in the window–actually STANDING IN THE WINDOW. He pulls the window open and then my neighbor breathes in a quick “Ooh!” as it appears that he is going to just push right on through the screen. After a loud “Hey! Stop!” from me, he climbs back out of the window and then shouts that he can’t get the laptop hooked up the monitor. (Remember my Frankenstein-esque laptop?) He closes the window (leaving the blinds askew) as I yell back “I’ll be in IN A MINUTE!!”

5:45 Trying to compose myself, I turn back to my neighbor with a “What’re-ya-gonna-do?” kind of smile and shrug, and then hear the sound of water running. Turning my head, I see Boy #3 with the water hose. And the dog. Who fortunately seems to be enjoying the shower. Oh, and Boy #3 is STILL not wearing pants.

5:47 I tell my neighbor that I’d better go turn off the water and dress my child, slosh through the waterlogged grass, and turn off the spigot. I bring the dog inside and put him in his crate. I look for Boy #3 so I can dress him.

5:48 I walk past my laundry room and smell the undeniable aroma of yesterday’s poopy pants (Boy #3’s, not mine.) and decide I should probably throw them in the wash before it becomes even more rank.

5:50 I see the dog run past the laundry room. What the—? Yes, he has escaped from his crate. The door is still latched shut, and the half-chewed leash that we have to tie around it because he’s figured out how to open the door is still intact as well. I’m pretty sure he Apparated.

5:52 Three trips around the downstairs and one dog treat later, the dog is back in his crate.

5:53 The doorbell rings. Boy #3 answers the door in his underwear. Snot is still coming from his nose. It’s the boys’ favorite traveling salesman–The Schwann’s Man!

5:54 I try to look at the new catalog, featuring new mouthwatering delights and our old stand-by’s, like corn dogs and mini Angus meatloaves. Suddenly I notice that Boy #3 now has my digital camera and is fumbling around with it all the while putting his fingerprints all over the lens and viewfinder. Super.

5:55 The Schwann’s Man asks if I would like him to hold my camera. I graciously accept his assistance and try once again to leaf through the catalog. (Yes, he does come every other Tuesday, like clockwork. No, I’m NEVER organized enough to have my order ready ahead of time. I think he’s even given up giving me those little stickers to put on the calendar. They usually end up stuck to one of the kid’s forehead.)

5:57 I manage to place my order, take back my camera, and wipe Boy #3’s nose. I rummage through my disorganized purse for my checkbook while the Schwann’s Man heads to his truck to fill my order.

5:59 Two minutes and $71 later, we have mini pizzas, ice cream, and various other frozen snack foods that pass for a well-balanced meal at my house.

6:00 I carry the huge plastic bag of frozen food into the garage to load into the extra freezer. (How can you have three boys and NOT have an extra freezer?!) I notice that the 24-count box of popsicles we JUST bought have been ravaged, but the empty box has kindly been left in the freezer for me to dispose of. I close the freezer door and take a deep breath before re-entering the house to see what the next 30 minutes has in store.

So, do you believe me now?

9 thoughts on “Just a Snippet of My Day”

  1. pjmom–I don’t know whether I laughed harder at your blog or your comment over at Iowa Mom’s blog today, but either way, I am glad to hear those were not your rank poopy pants on the laundry room floor, and that life as you know it, is back to normal! (You have to admit it IS better than having your Mommy hold the puke bowl for you, isn’t it?) Thanks for the laughs, and glad you are feeling better!!!!

  2. Yeah, I laughed so hard I thought I would blow a gasket (pregnant-lady-speak for peeing one’s pants). Seriously, your description made me feel like I was there, seeing #2 nearly break through the window, with #3 pantsless and with green snot, all while trying to make a good impression with childless new neighbor! That is so funny, and I am still mystified at how Teddy got out of his cage!?! If he does that again you need to start videotaping him to see what his trick is because I am sooo curious!!

  3. nochickens–glad my circus-like life could add some laughter to your day! (Yeah, sometimes I have WAY too much fun commenting on OTHER people’s blogs! 🙂

    turkeypants, I’ll have to videotape. Honestly, I think he may be a demon spirit. BTW, are you ready to par-TAY this weekend?

  4. trenches of mommyhood–I KNOW!! Can you believe that TWO OF US lead such glamorous lives?! I’m thinking we will definitely have to meet one day…in a real place…possibly a spa or just a really nice hotel room where we can watch something other than SpongeBob or baseball on TV, eat tons of chocolate, drink some wine, and ruminate on what the heck puberty’s going to be like!

  5. Okay … did you just secretly video tape my day and post about it?


  6. Just got a link to your site from “IowaMom” and I am cracking up! I was just saying to my husband “why am I so tired”? After reading your post (and laughing my butt off!) I now know! Similar antics in our house – not with three boys, only 2, so I’m wondering – How tired are you? =)

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