Let’s see…stay home and clean the house OR…

…go hang out at my mom and dad’s for the day?

Hmm…which should I choose?

My kids don’t have school tomorrow, which means I don’t have work tomorrow either! (Which sounds really good until I remember that pesky little glitch about not getting paid when I don’t work…and then it’s not quite as sweet.) So I was GOING to spend the day cleaning. AGAIN.

My house really DOES need to be cleaned, but let’s face it: When does it NOT need to be cleaned? And as soon as I’d GET it clean, it would just get trashed again in about 30 minutes…so really, what’s the point?

And then I talked to my mom and mentioned that we didn’t have school, and she later emailed me this message:

How about if you and the boys come down here? The boys can help Grandpa pick apples and we’ll make applesauce to send home with you. The boys can play outside …supposed to be a nice day. Just an idea. Love, MOM

I was feeling a little guilty as I thought about it. On the one hand, a good mom would make sure she has an organized and picked-up home for her family. (And clean underwear for her kids to wear.) But on the OTHER HAND, being on the farm would probably be MUCH more fun than trying to stay out of Mommy’s way as she ran around with the toilet brush and a crazy glint in her eye. (And it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing dirty underwear on the farm.)

But then my mom called to talk about the plans, and when I told her that I was planning on cleaning and doing laundry she said, “You know, you COULD bring some laundry with you. I do have two washers and two dryers…”

Hmm…Which do you think I chose?

Here’s a hint.

7 thoughts on “Let’s see…stay home and clean the house OR…”

  1. I would have picked the same thing. Two washers and dryers…can i come do my laundry too? lol

    Have a blast!!

  2. Smart woman! I would’ve chosen the same! The cleaning, like you said, will always be there. I hope you have a great time at your parents!

  3. Good choice. It’s a win-win, you get to spend a day on the farm and come home with clean underwear and applesauce. BOO-YA!

  4. Picking apples and making applesauce? That’s what a good mom would choose- the laundry will never be “DONE” anyways…

  5. Ya know, when I became a teacher my mentor told me, “Just face the fact that you’ll always be behind in your work.” And I apply it to parenting, too. My mantra, “I will always be behind in dishes, laundry, and mopping the floors.”

  6. Going to visit your parents sounds like a lot more fun than cleaning besides, you are right, it will always need to be done. (At least it is that way at our house.)

    This is the perfect time of year to be outdoors too.

    I hope you had a great time..

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