Mamma Mia! (Plus 3 Sisters)

This weekend I got to actually spend two days in a row with my two sisters, which was a rare treat. It’s so funny. I distinctly remember driving each of them into town on separate occasions, one hand on the wheel, the other throwing punches at my younger sister in the passenger seat. As a big sister goes, I was one mean bee-yatch. But now I don’t think we could be any closer.

Saturday we all gathered at my middle sister’s house (P #2). (Have I ever mentioned that we’re all three “P’s”, and that our last name was Peterson? Yeah, my mom’s not sure what she was thinking, either.) Brother-In-Law smoked us up some finger-lickin’-good ribs. (Sorry, Colonel, but you’ve been schooled.) P #2 made salads, beans, bread, cookies, and apple crisp. I just showed up, rubbed my midsection and said, “Get in my BELLY!” The cousins had a great time playing. (Well, if you don’t count that traumatizing incident involving the scary mask, a “fight-or-flight” reflex, and a certain 4-year-old getting punched in the face. Or the whole falling-down-the-stairs-and-cutting-your-face-and-lip thing.)

Sunday, my mom treated my sisters and me to lunch and tickets to Mamma Mia! We had fun chatting it up and teasing my mom about her ability to navigate Phoenix but near-panic driving in downtown Des Moines—on a Sunday. (Just kidding, Mom. You know we love you!)

The only lowlight of the day was having to hold our breath to use the bathroom in the Civic Center—twice. The bathroom itself was clean and nice, but—no lie—the smell was worse than the porta-potties at the baseball field. P #3 described it best when she said it smelled like a mix of “old woman perfume and poop.” Probably has something to do with the median age of the audience being about 75, and the fact that the show was at 1:00, right after lunch, which I’m sure cut into many people’s “schedule,” if you know what I mean.

Mamma Mia was hilarious and amazing. The cast was incredible. The music totally fun. I will admit that I even moved my hips in a dancing-type motion at the end of the show.

Here are a couple photos my mom took of us girls. If you’re wondering which one is me, look for the one in the big yellow banana costume. (Like you could miss it…)


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