More than you ever wanted to know about the recorder

Wow–Day 2 as an “official blogger.” I never thought I’d make it this far! No, seriously, I didn’t really think past Day 1, which is why I have been frantically searching the Interweb for something to write about. I can’t bear the thought of letting down my 5 readers! I’ve come across blogs, some interesting, some inane, which I will save for another day. (I’ve really got you hooked now, huh?) Tonight, however, I will subject you to some disorganized thoughts sparked by everyone’s favorite $3 instrument.

This evening I had the pleasure of attending a music concert. What concert, you might ask? Billy Joel? Bon Jovi? Better. I had 4th row seats to watch my son and his fourth grade colleagues rock the house via …the plastic recorder. It was actually a really good concert, and I have to think that God created very special people to be elementary music teachers. The thought of being shut up in a classroom with 27 ten-year-olds armed with recorders makes me want to jump out of a window! Anyway, the concert got me to thinking, is there a future in recorder-playing? I mean, kids spend a year of their lives with these instruments and then just toss them aside the following year when the “real” instruments come into the picture. It’s like, “Hey, Recorder, thanks for breaking Joey in. I couldn’t take all that squeaking and squawking like you can, man. But now that he’s gotten it out of his system, I’ll take it from here.” And Joey lets his three-year-old brother slobber all over the poor selfless recorder as he gets lured away by a trampy trombone with a guilty smile. Where was I going with this?? Oh, right. So anyway, I got to thinking about the recorder and if anyone actually plays this instrument past the age of 10, and I have to say that I was blown away! (Pun intended.) Apparently there are organizations (such as the American Recorder Society) all over the WORLD devoted to people who enjoy playing the recorder for fun! And there are actually professional “recorderists” who, I guess, get paid to play the recorder?! Who knew? Apparently Pete Rose did, as this must have been his back-up career after getting kicked out of baseball. Obviously, parents aren’t buying this $106 recorder so their kids can run around the house with it playing “Hot Cross Buns” either. I just wonder, though, what makes people rediscover the recorder after it’s been lost in the bottom of the toybox for all those years…No matter. After discovering 61 regional organizations on Google Directory dedicated to the recorder and only 7 dedicated to the trombone, I’d say that the recorder has the last laugh.

7 thoughts on “More than you ever wanted to know about the recorder”

  1. Well, once again this is the 2nd comment this morning I have tried to send. Evidently Google is playing with my mind…and evidently IT is winning.
    Unfortunately I was not able to view the professional recorder player as I have dial-up:( But as a former 4th grade teacher I have spent eons listening to the plastic marvel…and definately believe that there is special place in Heaven for Elementary music and band teachers.
    Actually when I was in college…in the Dark Ages…I knew a classical music major who always carried a wooden recorder with her. She played Bach on it. And I actually remember her name. It was Wendy. (Anyone who knows me realizes just how miraculous those last 2 sentences are!) She looked so NOT like a Wendy. I always wondered if she felt that her name was a burden.

    Can you explain why I have to keep typing in these goofy letters in the word verification space? Is it some kind of vision test? Does it diagnose?

    Well have a peachy day. Much love..and wish I would have been there last evening 🙂

  2. Kids are so spoiled nowadays! Now they get their OWN recorder. Remember back when we played them in 4th grade? Yeah, you didn’t have to shell money out for them. But, the downside to that was that all of 4th grade used the same 25 recorders. Remember after we were done with them, we just took a wet paper towel and “wiped” the mouthpiece down and then laid them out for the next class? Aaaah! I just did a baby barf in my mouth remembering it. I’m sure those wet, brown, stiff, institution paper towels really cleared those germs off. Even the ones from the kid who had snot running from his nose into his mouth while he was playing that blasted recorder. My how times have changed…
    I will also say that as the mother of another recorder player (and the aunt of Paula’s), there have been many days I have yelled, “NO RECORDER PLAYING IN THE VAN!!!!” Seriously, when I pick up 4 wild kids and I have to hear 1 or 2 of them “playing” that damn thing on the 2 minute drive home I think I’d rather drive with my head out the window and risk getting bugs in my teeth. And you all know how I hate bugs.
    Sorry this is so long! The recorder subject touched a nerve. Hey, whose blog is this anyway????
    (Your sister)

  3. Hey, I just had a flashback…Do you remember that Mom did get me my own recorder for Xmas one year? I have no clue why. I think it was after the 4th grade recorder unit had ended. (Thanks Mom! Could’ve saved me some germs there had I gotten it earlier!) It was a nice wooden one. And look where it got me! And I have no clue where it is now. Maybe Mom has secretly playing it all these years. She learned how from Wendy.

  4. I don’t think the word verification thing really does anything. I suspect it’s just a cruel joke played by some lonely programmer at Google. Either that or it’s diagnosing dyslexia.

    And yes, I am actually frightened that “momof3ps” (You guys always copy me!)not only remembered Wendy’s name and apparent recorder addiction, but also that she even went to college! Are you just coming off a three-day ginko biloba binge? 🙂

  5. I am really quite offended by your blatant prejudice toward the trombone. I think you secretly are intimidated by it’s strength. Maybe you just can’t handle the slide? Or is it your primal fear of the spit valve? Either way. Let’s get some trombone love up in here!!!

  6. I’m enjoying the stories in the blogs and the banter between these women leaving comments who seem suspiciously related to one another. Hmmm…. Well, let me throw in my two cents as neither a “P” nor a mom of a “P”. I don’t know whether to be grateful for or frightened by the vision painted for me of what to expect when my children turn 10. I’m wondering, should I just buy them a recorder for their 10th birthday? Or will it be a requirement with their fourth grade registration? Either way, I can say I will gladly cough up the $4 if it means not having them share a recorder and wipe it off with a paper towel!!!! Ewwww!!!

    Also, I want to interject that I voted for Orange Blossom Special, but I would most enjoy listening to The Joker (Steve Miller Band) on the recorder. The “whoot-whooo” is ideal for it’s design and pitch, I think.

    Oh! You may have been wondering who this non-P is. (I’m just so obtuse sometimes!) (If you want to know who I am just ask momof2dancers.) (She likes parentheses, so I’m using these for her.)

  7. I just have to ask, why “nochickensinmyhair”??? Actually, I’m just jealous that I didn’t come up with something as original for my username.

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