Move Over, Robert Palmer!

I just spent a rather nerve-wracking evening with the boys, between breaking up their constant bickering (or hitting each other on the head with a remote) and trying to construct a gingerbread house that just did not want to stay up (which wasn’t helped by the fact that Boy #2 was apparently LICKING IT), so when it was time for bed, this mom had about had it.

We’ve been trying to get Boy #3 to sleep in his own bed for, well, practically his whole life—and tonight I just wasn’t going to give in.

And then he hit me with this heart-melter:

Boy #3: Mommy, please, please, I want to sleep with you!

Mean Mom: No, not tonight. You’re going to sleep in your own bed.

Boy #3: Please?

Mean Mom: No, I said no, and I mean it. You are not going to sleep with me tonight.

Boy #3: But . . . I’m addicted to you!

I didn’t know whether to be scared that he knows the meaning of addicted at age 4 or overcome with emotion because it was so stinkin’ sweet…

(And no, I still didn’t let him in our bed!)


Afterword: If you’re too young (or just uncultured) to know who Robert Palmer is, watch
this video.


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