Move Over, Robert Palmer!

I just spent a rather nerve-wracking evening with the boys, between breaking up their constant bickering (or hitting each other on the head with a remote) and trying to construct a gingerbread house that just did not want to stay up (which wasn’t helped by the fact that Boy #2 was apparently LICKING IT), so when it was time for bed, this mom had about had it.

We’ve been trying to get Boy #3 to sleep in his own bed for, well, practically his whole life—and tonight I just wasn’t going to give in.

And then he hit me with this heart-melter:

Boy #3: Mommy, please, please, I want to sleep with you!

Mean Mom: No, not tonight. You’re going to sleep in your own bed.

Boy #3: Please?

Mean Mom: No, I said no, and I mean it. You are not going to sleep with me tonight.

Boy #3: But . . . I’m addicted to you!

I didn’t know whether to be scared that he knows the meaning of addicted at age 4 or overcome with emotion because it was so stinkin’ sweet…

(And no, I still didn’t let him in our bed!)


Afterword: If you’re too young (or just uncultured) to know who Robert Palmer is, watch
this video.

5 thoughts on “Move Over, Robert Palmer!”

  1. TOO hilarious!!
    Don’t you just hate it when kids use that “unbelievably overly adorable that you can’t help but laugh at” move when trying to get their way? And to be a good parent, you can’t give in?
    It’s tough stuff.

  2. LOL! That’s pretty funny. Kids crack me up when they say adult things in their tiny voices.

    This weekend, I asked my little niece how pre-kindergarten was going and she said, “K-mom, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s pretty hard.”

    WHAT?!? The most I was expecting was, “good” or maybe “fine.”

  3. K-Mom, that’s hilarious! My husband even came into the bathroom this morning to tell me what your niece said before I even had a chance to read your comment! 🙂

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